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The Mala Tree Crystal Shop is dedicated to providing high-quality crystals and gemstones for healing and spiritual growth. Our selection of crystals and gemstones is curated to provide you with the best possible tools for your personal journey. We are the number one crystal shop in the Philippines and the number one stringers of Mala Necklaces in Southeast Asia. Our website, www.themalatree.com is the longest-running crystal e-shop in the Philippines.

The Mala Tree started out as an extension of our passions: mala meditation, mantra chanting, healing crystals, and Feng Shui. We started stringing mala beads as a way to share our love of meditation and yoga with others. And as we continued on our journey, we realized that there was so much more that we could do with crystals and gemstones. We began to learn about their unique energies and how they could be used for healing and spiritual growth.

Now, aside from creating jewelry and selling tools for creating harmony and balance in people’s lives, we promised our followers to provide them with tips, insights, and articles on how to live a more spiritual life–and we did so through our posts on social media for more than a decade now.

We are taking it to a whole new level by creating this blog. Here, we will be sharing more in-depth articles on a variety of topics related to crystals, gemstones, meditation, yoga, spiritual growth, wellness, Feng Shui, Reiki, other healing modalities, and the path toward self-awakening and self-realization. The Mala Tree Crystal Shop’s Blog will be your go-to source for information on the amazing world of energy healing We will also share tips on how to use crystals for meditation, chakra balancing, and other healing modalities. Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to live a more balanced and harmonious life.

We hope that you will enjoy reading our articles and that they provide you with valuable insights and information that you can use on your own journey. We will do our best to provide you with helpful and inspiring information and insights that you can use on your own journey.

Welcome to The Mala Tree Crystal Shop’s Blog!

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