Why Do Healing Crystals Work?

Since the Earth began, healing crystals have been incepted into the traditions and cultures of mankind. Among the civilization’s historical past, they are used not only for health reasons but also for life decisions and intentions. 

Now, if you are going to ask why do healing crystals work? It is because the energy inside gemstones and healing crystals becomes larger as it empowers an intention someone has set to do.

The Earth has been the world’s habitat since the beginning of time and ancient civilizations have used crystals such as clear quartz, which they believe to be protective talismans. There are gemstones that they use as ornaments for their homes and embellishments for their jewelry. Some have used them as peace offerings and they are proven effective by our ancestors. Whatever they set as their intention in displaying these in their homes or offering them as a gift has come true. 

Of course, healing crystals work depends on your belief, too. After all, there is nothing to lose when you get one. Your auric energy imposes itself into the stone and the stone emanates the energy to make it more substantial and something that you could bring every single day. Healing crystals boost your intentions when you keep them close to your skin and your heart. 

Today, quartz consists of around 12% of Earth’s crust and is being utilized in almost every type of technology there is. Do you know those quartz watches? Yes! In electronics, info collection, and data storage? Quartz is involved in those aspects of life. If quartz makes it possible to communicate via computer chips then what kinds of communication can their vibrational energy transform in various other ways? With its link to the Earth and its life-giving elements, it is sensible to think that crystals have powers of universal healing especially since they have made an imprint in all civilizations that came before us.

IBM scientist Marcel Vogel displayed how crystals have power through his data and experimental evidence. While he was looking at the healing crystals under a microscope, he noticed that their shape changed based on what he was thinking about. The scientist got a hypothesis that these vibrations are the output of molecules assembling and disassembling. He not only tested quartz crystal’s power but also came to the conclusion that rocks can act as a medium for thoughts.

Albert Einstein, one of the most reknowned scientists who has ever lived, stated that life is vibration. He said that similar to sound waves, our thoughts are connected with the vibrations of everything in our lives. In other words, if you think crystals can heal and help manifest your desires, then their positive vibrations will push your goals forward.

We always have the power to choose our thoughts, and every day of life brings new challenges as well as beautiful beginnings. Healing crystals can help to still the mind and reconnect us with the healing vibrations of Earth.

The interesting thing about learning about crystals is that it requires patience, which then improves your ability to be patient. Just like the years it took for these precious stones to transform, the power of these healing crystals also takes time to emanate and take effect. These crystals can help you remember to be grateful for all the good things in nature and the universe.

Healing crystals will help you point out a specific problem or challenge that needs to be addressed. Fluorite helps you focus and clear your heart and mind from confusion and worries. Citrine brings abundance and success while positive vibrations from carnelian are helpful for innovation and creativity.

Black tourmaline is for protection and unwanted patterns or change in habits. Amethyst is for calmness and tranquility while moonstone helps balance emotions in your daily activities. Rose quartz is for emotional well-being and is aligned with the heart chakra, it strengthens self-love and unconditional love for others.

Thank you for reading! We hope that this article has helped to introduce you to the benefits of using healing crystals in your everyday life. If you are interested in purchasing a crystal, please visit our website or shop in person at our store. We offer a wide variety of crystals and gemstones that can help to support your intentions and goals.

Crystal Basics: Things to Know at the Start of Your Journey with Crystals

You find yourself interested in the world of healing gemstones and crystals. But picking the right one may end up being a complicated task. Going to a crystal store, you’ll find that they all come in different shapes, colors and sizes. Besides that, they all serve different purposes. Without proper guidance, one may end up overwhelmed with all the options.

The power of crystals comes to you. Your crystal will choose you as much as you choose them. Given that, the first and foremost advice in choosing crystals is to simply trust your intuition. Look inside you, that is where the answer lies. Your spirit will naturally draw you to the healing crystals and gemstones it needs.

Choosing the right one will start your journey toward spiritual wellness. This article will guide you to taking care of your crystals, maximizing their positive effects as well as using them to set your intentions.

The Shape Crystals Take

The shape that crystals take matters. Despite the properties of a particular crystal being consistent, your experience with it may vary depending on the shape. Listed below are the usual forms available in crystal stores and how to utilize them.


This shape provides focus and amplification to the stone. It effectively manifests intentions as they continuously emanate your will to the universe even after use. Pointing it in a certain direction will direct its healing energy.

Tumbled Stones

These shapes have varying purposes. Their small smooth shapes make tumble stones portable crystals. Store them in a pouch and in your pocket to bring positive vibes with you.


The pyramid is a sacred shape that beams concentrated energy out into the universe. It helps in the manifestation of intentions. Write down your intentions on a piece of paper and put it underneath a pyramid.


The symmetrical appearance of this shape radiates energy equally in every direction. It will immerse you in brimming yet calm energy. They help bring harmony to meditation by holding two spheres in both hands.


Cube help create calm in your surroundings. It can be set into the four corners of a room to help establish a protective grid. It is also connected to the root chakra.


This shape keeps the stone’s healing properties close to your heart. It provides the spirit with the energy it wants to accept and emanate.


Harmonizers are a pair of cylindrical crystals. They help in meditation by bringing the balance of the body, mind, and soul.


This shape has many points forming on a common matrix. As such, higher energy emanates from it. Having one in your space will surely provide it with the desired energy.

Cleansing Your Crystals

Through time, the energy from your healing stones and crystals will dim. It is important for crystal users to cleanse their crystals from time to time. Listed below are cleansing methods you can do whenever you feel that your stones are not vibrating like they used to be.

  • Immerse the stone with the smoke of sage or palo santo.
  • Leave the crystal out in the light of the sun or moon for 4 hours (NOTE: Some crystals lighten when exposed to heat or the sun.)
  • Bury the stone in the soil for up to 24 hours.
  • Place the stone beside quartz or selenite. These are cleansing crystals that don’t need charging as their energies are constantly amplified and clear. In turn, they are used as charging crystals.

Setting Your Intentions with Crystals

Setting your intentions with the help of healing gemstones and crystals is really just a matter of reflecting within, keeping in touch with your spirit says, and dedicating yourself to it. All it needs is a little time and space for thinking clearly about what you want.

Dedicate just 11 minutes to sit and reflect on your intentions. Hold the crystal in your hand to sync with it. See your intention with your mind’s eye then say it three times when you feel ready. Do this as often as you deem necessary with your crystal. Store it afterward in a visible spot or altar to remind you of your goals.

Those are the basics of healing stones and crystals. Keep in mind to do these well and your crystal will take care of the rest. More information is available in your friendly crystal store, The Mala Tree Crystal Shop.

Healing Crystals: A Beginner’s Guide

Healing crystals improve the life-giving Earth elements and the universal energy to connect us to our inner auric energies. The Sun, Moon, and the oceans are connected to us through energies emitted by these semi-precious stones.

A lot of people are wondering whether healing crystals really have power. While many anecdotes describe each healing crystal’s properties and power, it all depends on one’s personal experience. The journey is definitely worth it once you open your heart and mind to the powers of gemstones. A conscious effort to be aware of your intentions and which stones match these benefits will offer you a ride studded with precious, mystical, and one-of-a-kind healing crystals that will surely rock your universe.

Healing Crystals and How they Can Help You?

Bringing in their powerful vibrations, an excellent way to harness the power of healing from these crystals is to manifest your intentions and what you want to achieve in your life. These tangible, physical forms that we know as healing crystals connect us to the Earth and their energy links us when we wear them close to our hearts and skins, and place them in our surroundings. With a can-do mindset, with each thought and intention, the crystals acquire specific vibrational energy and boost the positive vibes you want to establish around you.

In the mystic universe of vibrations, healing crystals energy aids in the spiritual journey since it works in holding your intention and reminding you of your relationship to Earth. If you take time to think about your intention, healing crystals will drill down the specifics instilling these intentions into your thought patterns every single day.

Finding the Perfect Healing Crystal for You

Healing crystals have been identified as precious stones even in ancient times, with their power of knowledge, wealth, and success. There is even a history of each healing crystal being handed from one generation to another. Once the basic properties of these healing crystals are known, feel from your gut the right healing stones for your spiritual journey. There are experts saying healing crystals tend to pick you, instead of you choosing them. Try to walk around the room full of crystals and look at the crystals that stand out when you see them.

Whether it is the luster of the crystal or its dazzling color, its shapes and patterns that make you look at it differently, it might be the crystal calling you and its unique vibrational energy wants to help you clear blockages and ward off negative energy using it.

Exploring the right healing crystals is similar to any type of wellness you choose. You should be patient to calm the mind and recalibrate your mind and body. Hold the crystals with your hand and silently think about your intention. Try to notice if there are certain sensations you feel such as temperature, pulsations, goosebumps, calming effect, or others – these indicate that the specific rock you are holding is what you presently need.

With a specific rock calling you, you will also be able to identify a certain problem or challenge that you may face or may be facing. Fluorite, for example, provides clarity, and focus and helps relieve mental and emotional confusion. Citrine is for abundance, wealth, and success – for dreamers who want to channel positive vibes from the Sun. For creativity, Carnelian is a powerful crystal to help you be imaginative and crafty.

Whether your intentions for buying healing crystals are for aesthetics or your peace of mind, they will provide greater positive vibes.

Time to get into it. Get your healing crystals at The Mala Tree Crystal Shop!

Healing Crystals 101: Your Ultimate Guide to Healing Crystals & Gemstones

Healing crystals work within your auric field to balance spiritual imbalances. But, can they heal you? In this era when astrology and spiritual health have become popular, it is not shocking to find out these colorful, shiny rocks are everywhere – from desks, handbags, and one’s Instagram story.

More and more celebrities have joined the trend as well. Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle brand, Goop, even sells healing crystals for wellness. Adele uses these crystals to help her combat stage fright and Victoria Beckham, Miranda Kerr, and Bella Hadid all have collections of these crystals for healing, protection, and success!

This is why a lot of people now believe in the power of healing crystals. They rave about how their wishes have come true. Some rave about their intentions transpiring after they bought several crystals and gemstones from The Mala Tree Crystal Shop

So, what is the hype about healing crystals?

The very popular gemstone bracelets with Piyao.

Healing Crystals: Do You Need Them?

For starters, healing crystals do not directly cure you of diseases or any physical injury. A crystal collection does not replace a regular doctor’s check-up but these healing crystals usually offer help restore balance within you and your environment.

There are benefits in different aspects of life, depending on the stone and healing crystals offers, its power, and the energy it emanates. Some crystals will help bring calmness and harmony. Some are best for business, building wealth, and success. There are those specialized in providing ultimate protection, safety, and security. This is why some people love the idea of having healing crystals on their desks, inside their wallets and bags.

Healing Crystals: Do They Really Work?

The concept that healing crystals actually heal you comes from a scientific origin. Crystals and gemstones vibrate at an as distinct frequency, with some good inducers of the electric field when it goes through mechanical stress.

This is the same for our body system, where we establish an electromagnetic field towards our environment using our synapses. This is what we usually call the aura. And from the auric field, these crystals work their way to boost positive energy around you.

Choosing Your Healing Crystals

Narrowing down your choices on which healing crystals will work best for you. If you’re looking for one that will clear your mind or improve your perspective, a quick Google search can help you.

The Mala Tree allows you to buy your crystals online. You may also visit our physical store, if possible, so that you will be able to see and touch the stones. Attendants of the store have sufficient knowledge of the stone and which intentions it matches with. There are also unpopular stones that may best work for you. Don’t miss the opportunity to get to know these crystals better and have an informed decision on which ones to buy.

The great thing about these healing crystals is that they come in various shapes and sizes. There are tumbled stones, pendants, bracelets, and mala necklaces to choose from.

After choosing your bracelet or mala, you can have it cleansed or you may perform your own cleansing ritual or light meditation to align your goals and intentions with it.

Who knows? With these precious healing crystals and gemstones, you might make your long-running wishes come true! Add to that, they may be able to help you ease what you currently feel.

At the end of the day, alternative healing and spirituality do things differently than more scientific or medical concepts. However, you will not lose anything if you try. 

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