Healing Crystals 101: Your Ultimate Guide to Healing Crystals & Gemstones

Healing crystals work within your auric field to balance spiritual imbalances. But, can they heal you? In this era when astrology and spiritual health have become popular, it is not shocking to find out these colorful, shiny rocks are everywhere – from desks, handbags, and one’s Instagram story.

More and more celebrities have joined the trend as well. Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle brand, Goop, even sells healing crystals for wellness. Adele uses these crystals to help her combat stage fright and Victoria Beckham, Miranda Kerr, and Bella Hadid all have collections of these crystals for healing, protection, and success!

This is why a lot of people now believe in the power of healing crystals. They rave about how their wishes have come true. Some rave about their intentions transpiring after they bought several crystals and gemstones from The Mala Tree Crystal Shop

So, what is the hype about healing crystals?

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Healing Crystals: Do You Need Them?

For starters, healing crystals do not directly cure you of diseases or any physical injury. A crystal collection does not replace a regular doctor’s check-up but these healing crystals usually offer help restore balance within you and your environment.

There are benefits in different aspects of life, depending on the stone and healing crystals offers, its power, and the energy it emanates. Some crystals will help bring calmness and harmony. Some are best for business, building wealth, and success. There are those specialized in providing ultimate protection, safety, and security. This is why some people love the idea of having healing crystals on their desks, inside their wallets and bags.

Healing Crystals: Do They Really Work?

The concept that healing crystals actually heal you comes from a scientific origin. Crystals and gemstones vibrate at an as distinct frequency, with some good inducers of the electric field when it goes through mechanical stress.

This is the same for our body system, where we establish an electromagnetic field towards our environment using our synapses. This is what we usually call the aura. And from the auric field, these crystals work their way to boost positive energy around you.

Choosing Your Healing Crystals

Narrowing down your choices on which healing crystals will work best for you. If you’re looking for one that will clear your mind or improve your perspective, a quick Google search can help you.

The Mala Tree allows you to buy your crystals online. You may also visit our physical store, if possible, so that you will be able to see and touch the stones. Attendants of the store have sufficient knowledge of the stone and which intentions it matches with. There are also unpopular stones that may best work for you. Don’t miss the opportunity to get to know these crystals better and have an informed decision on which ones to buy.

The great thing about these healing crystals is that they come in various shapes and sizes. There are tumbled stones, pendants, bracelets, and mala necklaces to choose from.

After choosing your bracelet or mala, you can have it cleansed or you may perform your own cleansing ritual or light meditation to align your goals and intentions with it.

Who knows? With these precious healing crystals and gemstones, you might make your long-running wishes come true! Add to that, they may be able to help you ease what you currently feel.

At the end of the day, alternative healing and spirituality do things differently than more scientific or medical concepts. However, you will not lose anything if you try. 

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