Healing Crystals: A Beginner’s Guide

Healing crystals improve the life-giving Earth elements and the universal energy to connect us to our inner auric energies. The Sun, Moon, and the oceans are connected to us through energies emitted by these semi-precious stones.

A lot of people are wondering whether healing crystals really have power. While many anecdotes describe each healing crystal’s properties and power, it all depends on one’s personal experience. The journey is definitely worth it once you open your heart and mind to the powers of gemstones. A conscious effort to be aware of your intentions and which stones match these benefits will offer you a ride studded with precious, mystical, and one-of-a-kind healing crystals that will surely rock your universe.

Healing Crystals and How they Can Help You?

Bringing in their powerful vibrations, an excellent way to harness the power of healing from these crystals is to manifest your intentions and what you want to achieve in your life. These tangible, physical forms that we know as healing crystals connect us to the Earth and their energy links us when we wear them close to our hearts and skins, and place them in our surroundings. With a can-do mindset, with each thought and intention, the crystals acquire specific vibrational energy and boost the positive vibes you want to establish around you.

In the mystic universe of vibrations, healing crystals energy aids in the spiritual journey since it works in holding your intention and reminding you of your relationship to Earth. If you take time to think about your intention, healing crystals will drill down the specifics instilling these intentions into your thought patterns every single day.

Finding the Perfect Healing Crystal for You

Healing crystals have been identified as precious stones even in ancient times, with their power of knowledge, wealth, and success. There is even a history of each healing crystal being handed from one generation to another. Once the basic properties of these healing crystals are known, feel from your gut the right healing stones for your spiritual journey. There are experts saying healing crystals tend to pick you, instead of you choosing them. Try to walk around the room full of crystals and look at the crystals that stand out when you see them.

Whether it is the luster of the crystal or its dazzling color, its shapes and patterns that make you look at it differently, it might be the crystal calling you and its unique vibrational energy wants to help you clear blockages and ward off negative energy using it.

Exploring the right healing crystals is similar to any type of wellness you choose. You should be patient to calm the mind and recalibrate your mind and body. Hold the crystals with your hand and silently think about your intention. Try to notice if there are certain sensations you feel such as temperature, pulsations, goosebumps, calming effect, or others – these indicate that the specific rock you are holding is what you presently need.

With a specific rock calling you, you will also be able to identify a certain problem or challenge that you may face or may be facing. Fluorite, for example, provides clarity, and focus and helps relieve mental and emotional confusion. Citrine is for abundance, wealth, and success – for dreamers who want to channel positive vibes from the Sun. For creativity, Carnelian is a powerful crystal to help you be imaginative and crafty.

Whether your intentions for buying healing crystals are for aesthetics or your peace of mind, they will provide greater positive vibes.

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