Picking Your People: How to Choose Your Tribe

The people you surround yourself with have a big impact on your life. They can shape how you see the world, how you think about yourself, and even how successful you are. So it’s important to choose your tribe carefully. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you pick the people who will be part of your inner circle.

  1. Think about what kind of person you want to be.
    The people you associate with have a big influence on the person you become. If you want to be someone who is kind, successful, and driven, then surround yourself with people who embody those qualities. On the other hand, if you find yourself constantly around people who are negative, gossipy, and lazy, it will be harder for you to live up to your own potential. So think about the kind of person you want to be and look for friends who will help you become that person.
  2. Consider shared values and interests.
    It’s important to find friends who share your core values and interests. This doesn’t mean that you have to agree on everything—in fact, it’s healthy to have friends with different perspectives so that you can learn from each other. But if you value honesty, loyalty, and hard work, it will be easier to connect with people who feel the same way. And if you share interests like music, sports, or books, it can be fun to explore those things together.
  3. Look for positive energy.
    The people you spend time with should make you feel good about yourself—not bad. If someone regularly puts you down or makes you feel like you’re not good enough, they’re not worthy of your Friendship. Life is too short to waste time on negative people. So look for friends who radiate positive energy and make you feel good about yourself. These are the people who will lift you up when you’re down and help you reach your potential.

The company we keep has a big impact on our lives—so it’s important to choose our tribe carefully. We should surround ourselves with people who make us want to be better versions of ourselves and who share our values and interests. And most importantly, we should look for friends who radiate positive energy. These are the people who will make our lives richer and more fulfilling. So take some time to think about the kind of tribe YOU want to be part of—and then go out and find them!

The 10 Crystals You Need to End a Toxic Relationship

We’ve all been there before… you’re in a relationship that just doesn’t feel right, but you can’t seem to walk away. Whether it’s a romantic relationship, a friendship, or even a business relationship, we often stay in toxic situations because we’re afraid of what will happen if we end things. But the truth is, ending a toxic relationship is one of the best things you can do for yourself. And we’re here to help.

Why We Stay in Toxic Relationships

There are many reasons why we stay in toxic relationships. Maybe we’re afraid of being alone. Maybe we think this is the best we can do. Or maybe we’ve become so used to the toxicity that it feels normal to us. Whatever the reason, it’s important to recognize when a relationship is no longer serving you. That’s when it’s time to walk away.

How Crystals Can Help

Crystals can be incredibly helpful when you’re trying to end a toxic relationship. Different crystals have different properties, so it’s important to choose the ones that will work best for your particular situation. Below are three of our favorite crystals for ending toxic relationships: 

  1. Black Tourmaline: This crystal is excellent for deflecting negativity and protecting your auric field from outside energy. If you’re surrounded by toxicity, black tourmaline will help create an energetic barrier between you and the toxicity.
  2. Smokey Quartz: Smokey quartz is perfect for helping you release negative emotions like anger, fear, and jealousy. If you find yourself getting caught up in negative emotions around the person or situation you’re trying to walk away from, reach for smokey quartz. It will help clear your mind and emotional body so you can move on more easily. 
  3. Selenite: Selenite is a powerful cleanser and amplifier. It can help cleanse your auric field of any residual negativity and amplify the power of your other crystals. Selenite is also excellent for calling in higher guidance and support from the Universe. So if you’re feeling alone or lost during this process, selenite will help you connect with your higher power.
  4. Citrine. This crystal is known as the “success” stone because it’s thought to promote an optimistic attitude, self-confidence, and success in all endeavors. Citrine is also known for its ability to transmute negative energy into positive energy. That makes it the perfect crystal to use when you’re trying to end a toxic relationship. Citrine can help you release the negativity that’s been holding you back and instead focus on what’s good in your life.
  5. Amethyst. Amethyst is a very powerful crystal with a wide range of benefits. It’s known for its ability to relieve stress and anxiety, promote relaxation, and support detoxification. It’s also thought to be helpful in promoting cellular regeneration and helping the body heal from physical trauma. In other words, amethyst can help your body and mind recover from a toxic relationship by restoring balance and harmony.
  6. Rose quartz. Rose quartz is the stone of love, which makes it an ideal choice for anyone who wants to end a toxic relationship and open themselves up to new, healthier relationships in the future. Rose quartz is thought to promote feelings of self-love, self-worth, and self-esteem. It can also help dissociate negative emotions like anger, hatred, jealousy, and resentment. If you’re struggling to let go of a toxic relationship because you still have strong feelings for the other person, rose quartz can help dissipate those emotions so that you can move on.
  7. Sunstone: Sunstone is known as the “freedom stone.” It helps you break free from unhealthy relationships and bad habits. If you’re in a toxic relationship, sunstone will help you see things clearly and make the necessary changes to get out. 
  8. Rhodonite: Rhodonite is known as the “healing stone.” It helps heal emotional wounds and promotes self-love. If you’ve been hurt by a toxic relationship, rhodonite will help you heal so that you can move on. 
  9. Onyx: Onyx is a powerful protection stone. It absorbs and transforms negative energy. If you’re trying to protect yourself from a toxic person or situation, onyx can help. This stone is also good for moving on, and it can help you release the past and embrace the future.
  10. Hematite: Hematite is a grounding and protecting stone. It helps you stay centered and focused, even in the midst of chaos. If you’re trying to end a toxic relationship, Hematite can help you stay calm and level-headed. When it comes to mental health, hematite is thought to be helpful in treating anxiety and depression. So if you’re struggling with your mental health as a result of a toxic relationship, this crystal can help.

How to Use Crystals

There are many different ways to use crystals. You can carry them with you, wear them as jewelry, place them in your home or office, or use them in meditation or energy work. Experiment and find what works best for you.

IMPORTANT: To fully benefit from the metaphysical properties of these stones, be loyal to a particular stone in a specific phase of the detachment or moving on process. If you feel called to use more than one, that’s fine too. The key is to be intentional with your choices and trust your intuition.

When you’re using crystals to end a toxic relationship, it’s important to set your intention. First, identify what you want to achieve. Do you want to release the toxicity? Or do you want to protect yourself from further harm? Once you know your intention, hold the crystal in your hand and visualize your goal. For example, if you’re using amethyst to release the toxicity, imagine the negative energy leaving your body and being replaced by positive, healing energy. If you’re using onyx to protect yourself from further harm, imagine a shield of light surrounding you and keeping you safe.

Ending a toxic relationship is never easy, but it’s always worth it—and it’s often necessary in order to preserve your own mental and emotional well-being. If you’re struggling to let go, crystals can help by promoting positive energy, dissolving negative emotions, and restoring balance and harmony. So if you’re ready to end a toxic relationship once and for all, let those crystals do their work! Trust us—your future self will thank you!

Heart Chakra Meditation

The Heart Chakra is the fourth chakra. It is located in the center of the chest and is associated with the color green. The Heart Chakra represents our ability to love and be loved. When this chakra is balanced, we feel open to giving and receiving love. We feel compassion for others and ourselves. We are able to forgive and let go of grudges. We have fulfilling relationships and feel a sense of connectedness with the world around us.

When the Heart Chakra is imbalanced, we may feel closed off from others. We may find it difficult to give or receive love. We may be quick to anger or hold onto grudges. We may have difficulty in our relationships or feel disconnected from the world around us.

There are many ways to balance the Heart Chakra. One way is through meditation. Below is a meditation you can do to balance your Heart Chakra.

BEFORE YOU START: Choose a time when you can relax and meditate. You may want to set the mood by using oils, candles, or incense in the color of the chakra. Find a comfortable place where you can sit or lie down without being disturbed.

1. You are about to start a journey to the Heart Chakra… Acknowledge any negative feelings you have, but don’t focus on them. Know that it’s okay and that you are safe and loved.

2. As you travel down the path, take note of your surroundings. The red pathway eventually turns to a sandy orange and then appears to ripple like water beneath your feet. You may feel as though your feet are lighter now, making it easier to walk forward …

3. The road becomes a rich, welcoming yellow color… You can feel the warmth emanating from it and seeping into your feet. It spreads throughout your body, sending a warning that everything is about to be bathed in bright sunlight.

4. Ahead lies a green pathway that leads to a pink palace. As you walk down the path, it falls away beneath your feet as if you’re walking on air. You’ve arrived at the entrance of the pink castle.

5. As you enter the hall, you see your heart on a plinth. It’s appearance moves you – is it frozen in ice, or bleeding from being too open? No matter its state, remember that you’re here to heal it.

6. Always have the right tools for the job. In this case, you’ll need a pick and an ice axe. Use your breath to warm up the ice so it melts faster…Unlock the chain with a key from your pocket.

7. Put your hands on any scars and think about Universal Love to help them go away.…

8. Be aware of the connection between what you are thinking and what is happening in your body. Enjoy these moments.

9. Touch your heart gently and send it a lot of Universal Love, knowing that the more love you give to it will enable it to send more love to other beings.

10. Stay here for as long as you like, then when you’re ready to leave, thank your heart for everything it has done for you. Walk back down the path, and take note of how your surroundings have changed. The colors are brighter and the air feels lighter. You may feel a sense of peace and calm.

The Heart Chakra is our powerhouse of love. By meditating on this chakra, we can open ourselves up to giving and receiving love more freely. We can also find compassion for ourselves and others, and forgive more easily. This chakra helps us to create fulfilling relationships and feel connected to the world around us.