The Best Crystals for Employees and Workers: Enhancing Productivity, Focus, and Wellbeing at Work

In the bustling world of work, whether in a busy office or a tranquil remote setting, maintaining focus, productivity, and positive energy is key. For those open to incorporating a touch of holistic wellness into their professional life, crystals can be a fascinating and beautiful aid. Here’s a guide to some of the best crystals that employees and workers can use to enhance their workday.

  1. Clear Quartz

Known as the “master healer,” Clear Quartz is ideal for clearing the mind of negativity. It enhances personal awareness and growth, amplifies energy by absorbing, storing, releasing, and regulating it. Keeping a piece of clear quartz at your desk can help maintain clarity and energy during long working hours.

  1. Black Tourmaline

For those needing protection against office drama or electronic smog, Black Tourmaline is the go-to crystal. This powerful stone is known for its ability to block negative energies and electromagnetic frequencies. Placing a piece near your workstation can help create a shield of protection, keeping you grounded and focused.

  1. Citrine

Dubbed the “success stone,” Citrine promotes a zest for life by supporting endurance and perseverance. It’s believed to attract wealth, prosperity, and success, making it an excellent choice for anyone setting ambitious career goals. It’s also great for enhancing concentration and revitalizing the mind.

  1. Amethyst

Amethyst is perfect for creating a calming atmosphere that enhances mental clarity and stability. It’s particularly useful for those who find their workplace stressful. This crystal helps in soothing irritability, balancing mood swings, and dispelling anger, rage, and fear.

  1. Tiger’s Eye

If confidence and power are what you seek, Tiger’s Eye might be your match. It’s known for its ability to bestow courage, sharpen the senses, and promote a clear-eyed vision of who you are and where you want to go. This stone is particularly useful when you need to make important decisions or stay level-headed during complex negotiations or discussions.

  1. Fluorite

Known for its striking hues and calming properties, Fluorite is the ideal crystal for those who deal with a lot of details at work. It enhances focus and comprehension, helping you navigate complex tasks or maintain concentration during back-to-back meetings.

  1. Sodalite

Sodalite enhances efficiency and boosts intelligence. It’s particularly good for enhancing emotional balance and calming panic attacks. Keeping a sodalite stone on your desk or wearing it as jewelry can help you remain rational and objective.

Incorporating Crystals into Your Workspace

• Desk Placement: Keep smaller stones like Fluorite or Citrine on your desk where you can see them or touch them throughout the day.

• Personal Wear: Wearing crystal jewelry like bracelets or necklaces can keep the energy of the stones close to you, subtly working their magic.

• Room Setup: Larger pieces like Amethyst geodes can be placed in a room to cleanse the space of negative energies.

While crystals are no magic solution for workplace challenges, many people find them a helpful tool for creating a more positive and productive work environment. Whether it’s about finding the right focus, protecting your energy, or fostering success, there’s likely a crystal that can aid in your professional journey.

Space Clearing: Welcoming the Abundance That is About to Come

SPACE CLEARING is essentially about eliminating the energy that has stagnated in a certain space – your house, your room, your workplace, or your place of business. Energy should constantly flow and, ideally, must roam around freely inside your space and always surround you with loving, abundant, and healthy vibes, and be a convenient spot that pushes you to achieve your dreams and wants.

You may conduct a Space Clearing ritual before a new year starts (January 1 and/or Lunar New Year), on your birthday, after a bad event has happened, if you are moving to a new house if you desire a new partner or accomplishment of a project, and every time you sense the existence of negative energy in any space. Trust your instinct. The presence of negative energy will make itself known and felt. The good news is that each time you feel there is negative energy somewhere, there is positive energy that is knocking at the door. You just have to welcome it and occupy as much space as possible.


Before any Space Clearing ritual, you must prepare the space. The key is decluttering. Choose any decluttering/organizing method that works for you, but it is highly recommended that you focus on what you hope to accomplish in a dwelling. Here are the essential things that you need to do before the space clearing to make the process more potent:

  • Welcome the sunshine and fresh air into your space by opening all the windows wide.
  • Throw out plants that are dead or dying. Transplanting is an option, too.
  • Remove piles of magazines you have accumulated through the years, especially the ones you will never read. Dispose of broken things or those with missing parts.
  • Conduct a major cleaning of the space. Vacuum the carpet, shine the floors, and clean those windows.

Now, you are ready to fill your space with soothing abundance.


Listed below are ways to conduct your Space Clearing ritual. These techniques have been used for many centuries and by many civilizations.  You may choose which one suits you or you may do combinations. What is most important is that you ritualize the arrival of the energy of abundance and be receptive to the blessings that are about to enter. 

CRYSTALS. Use cleansed crystals as a tool for space clearing. Some basic crystals against negativity are Black Tourmaline, Clear Quartz, Selenite, and Amethyst. You may create a grid around the perimeter of any area or you may just put them in every corner of your house or workplace. They will absorb the negative energy. Let them stay for 24 hours and collect and cleanse them after use.

SOUND.  Use a cleansed and charged Tibetan Singing Bowl by either beating it or by rubbing the mallet around the rim to make it sing. Move around the house (clockwise) as you do this, making the sound vibrate through all the walls of your dwelling. Bells can brighten up the vibration of any spot, too. You may likewise use Drums as the sound shatters dormant energy. You may further use Chants and fill the space with sacred mantras or affirmations. If you lack tools, you may likewise do some Clapping, a simple but effective Space Clearing technique. Move clockwise and clap to release blocked energies from every corner, every pathway, and every shelf.

SALT.  Salt is a powerful energy-cleansing ingredient. You may even use it for personal energy restoration by adding a bit of salt to your bath water, especially before any Space Clearing ritual. To get rid of the negative energy of any location, place salt in a small bowl and position them in each corner of your space. Dispose of the salt after 24 hours – don’t let the used salt stay inside your house.

INCENSE, SMUDGING, AND SPRAYS.  Light the incense and allow smoke to travel everywhere in the room. Remember to set intentions while doing this. You may also use special sprays to clear a space.

After doing any of these, your personal energy will be restored and your space has now become a receptive vessel for abundance and blessings.

Crystal of the Week: Amazonite

Hi, friends! This week’s crystal is Amazonite, and it is one of our personal favorites.

At The Mala Tree, we love all crystals equally but we have to admit, we have a soft spot for Amazonite.

Amazonite is a gorgeous green stone that is said to have a calming and cooling effect. It has varying shades of green, with streaks of white running through it. It is said to be a stone of truth, communication, and integrity. Amazonite is known to be a very soothing stone and is said to calm the soul and help us to see both sides of every issue. It is also known as the ” hope stone” because it is believed to inspire confidence and courage. Amazonite is a perfect crystal for anyone who is working on manifesting their dreams into reality. Keep reading to learn more about Amazonite and how to incorporate it into your life!

The History of Amazonite

Amazonite has been used for centuries by many different cultures. It is most commonly associated with the Amazon River in South America, hence its name. The ancient Egyptians were known to use Amazonite in jewelry and other decorative objects.

Amazonite has been used by cultures around the world for centuries. This crystal was popular in ancient Egypt and was used in jewelry and decor. The name “amazonite” is actually derived from the Amazons, a tribe of warrior women in Greek mythology. These fierce women were said to have used Amazonite in their armor to protect themselves from negative energy.

Amazonite was also popular among the cultures of Mesoamerica. The Aztecs and Mayans used Amazonite extensively in art and architecture. Some experts believe that amazonite was used to decorate the temples of Tenochtitlan, the capital of the Aztec Empire. Today, you can still see traces of amazonite in pre-Columbian art from Mexico and Central America.

The Mala Tree’s Amazonite Slabs can be used as decorative pieces.

Amazonite Info

Amazonite can be found in the United States, Brazil, Russia, Madagascar, and Namibia. The name Amazonite comes from the Amazon River in South America, where the stone was first found.

Amazonite is a variety of microcline feldspar. Feldspar is the most abundant mineral group on Earth, making up about 60% of the Earth’s crust. Amazonite is part of the clay family and has a Mohs hardness of 6-6.5.

If you want to get started with Amazonite, this Amazonite cube is one of The Mala Tree’s most affordable products.

Chakra and Element

Amazonite is associated with the heart chakra and the water element. This crystal is believed to be helpful in clearing away negative energy and promoting positivity. Amazonite is thought to be especially helpful in times of change or transition. If you’re feeling lost or uncertain, Amazonite can help you to find your way.

An Amazonite generator by The Mala Tree.

In Crystal Healing Lore

Amazonite is known as the “truth teller.” It is said to clear away negative energy and provide clarification during difficult situations. This crystal can also be used to help you speak your truth with confidence while also promoting communication, understanding, and open-mindedness. If you’re looking to restore harmony in your life, Amazonite can be a helpful ally!

Malas containing Amazonite beads are thought to be particularly powerful because they combine the supportive energy of crystals with the meditative practice of mantra repetition. If you’re interested in exploring the benefits of Amazonite for yourself, check out our newest Mala of the Week: The Lotus Mala! This mala features gorgeous green Amazonite beads paired with petal pink rose quartz beads. Rose quartz is known as the “stone of love” and can help promote forgiveness, compassion, kindness, and understanding—the perfect energies for aligning with during mantra meditation.

The Mala Tree’s beautiful Amazonite bracelet is one of our bestselling items.

How to Use Amazonite

Now that you know a little bit about the history of Amazonite, let’s talk about how to use it in your daily life! Amazonite can be used in many different ways, but here are some of my personal favorite ways to work with this beautiful crystal:

Wear Amazonite jewelry

Amazonite makes for beautiful and unique jewelry. You can find amazonite necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings at many different retailers. Or, if you’re feeling crafty, you can even make your own jewelry using raw Amazonite crystals!

Place an Amazonite stone in your home or office

If you want to enjoy the calming effects of Amazonite all day long, try placing a stone in your home or office. You can put it on your desk, nightstand, or anywhere else that you would like!

Add Amazonite to your crystal collection

If you’re a collector of crystals and gemstones, then amazonite would make a great addition to your collection! Not only is it visually stunning, but it also has many powerful energies that can enhance your other stones’ energies.

Give Amazonite as a gift

Know someone who could use a little boost of confidence? Amazonite makes for a great gift! This crystal can be gifted in its raw form or incorporated into jewelry or another type of object. Either way, it’s sure to be appreciated by the lucky recipient.

Use Amazonite during meditation

Meditation is a great way to connect with your crystals’ energies. To use Amazonites during meditation, simply hold one in each hand or place one on your third eye chakra (between your eyebrows). Then, focus on your breath and allow yourself to relax in the moment. As you meditate, feel free open up to all the possibilities that life has to offer!  

I hope this post has inspired you to give Amazonites a go! These beautiful green stones are perfect for anyone who could use a little extra confidence and courage in their life. Whether you choose to wear them as jewelry or keep them close by during meditation sessions, I guarantee that you’ll fall in love with their peaceful energy just like I have!

Click here to view all of The Mala Tree products Amazonite products.

Nurturing and Healing Your Inner Child for Personal Growth

It’s easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We are constantly being pulled in different directions by our jobs, our families, our friends, and our commitments. It can be hard to take a step back and just breathe. But it’s important to remember that no matter how old we get, we always have an inner child that needs our love and attention. In this blog post, we will discuss in detail the hows and whys of nurturing your inner child.

Each of us has an inner child.

Benefits of Nurturing Your Inner Child

How often do you check in with your inner child? No, not your actual children—we’re talking about the little voice inside all of us that longs to play, be creative, and just have fun. Too often, we adults get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life that we forget to nurture our own inner child. But just like our kids need our love and attention, so does our inner child. Here are three reasons why it’s important to nurture the inner child within you, no matter how old you get.

1. It will make you happier.

Nurturing your inner child will bring more joy and happiness into your life. When you allow yourself to engage in activities that are solely for fun and pleasure, without any ulterior motive or agenda, you open yourself up to a world of possibilities. And when you’re happier, those around you will be too!

2. It will help reduce stress.

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and stressed out. But when you take the time to nurture your inner child, you give yourself a much-needed break from all the demands of adult life. Whether it’s taking a dance class, painting a picture, or just playing with your pet, engaging in activities that are purely for fun can help reduce stress and promote relaxation.

3. It will boost your creativity.

Nurturing your inner child can also help boost your creativity. When you allow yourself to play and be silly without worrying about what other people think, you open yourself up to new ideas and ways of thinking. So go ahead and color outside the lines—your inner child will thank you for it! 

Nurture the inner child within you.
The first step is acknowledging that regardless of your age, there exists an inner child within you.

How to Nurture Your Inner Child

No matter how old you are, it’s never too late to start nurturing your inner child. Just like our kids need our love and attention, so do we! By taking the time to nurture the little voice inside us that longs to play and have fun, we can reap some big benefits in our lives—including happiness, stress relief, and increased creativity. So go ahead and give yourself permission to color outside the lines once in a while—your inner child will thank you for it! Here are some tips on how to nurture your inner child.

1. Schedule time for yourself.

Just like you would schedule a meeting or a doctor’s appointment, put time in your schedule for yourself. Whether it’s 30 minutes or 2 hours, make sure you have some time each day when you can focus on yourself. This is your time to do things that make you happy and relaxed. Maybe you want to read a book, take a yoga class, or go for a walk in the park. Whatever it is, make sure you set aside some time each day to do something just for you.

2. Talk to your inner child.

One of the best ways to nurture your inner child is simply by talking to them. Sit down and have a conversation with your inner child about what’s going on in your life and how they’re feeling. Ask your inner child what they need from you and then listen carefully to the answer. Your inner child may surprise you with how wise they are!

3. Meditate Using Crystals to Nurture Your Inner Child

Meditating with crystals can be a powerful way to connect with your inner child. Some crystals that are best for this type of meditation are:

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a powerful crystal for nurturing the inner child. It helps to connect with the childlike aspects of ourselves, bringing lightness and joy into our lives. It can also help to reduce stress and anxiety, making it a great stone for times of turmoil.


Larimar is a crystal that can help you connect with your inner child. It brings lightness and joy into your life and can also help reduce stress and anxiety.


Amethyst is another stone that can help you tap into your inner child. It helps to connect you with your intuition and Higher Self, promoting creativity and imagination. It can also help to reduce stress and anxiety.


Malachite is another excellent crystal for nurturing the inner child. It helps to release old emotional wounds and traumas that may be holding us back. It also fosters a deep sense of self-love and acceptance, which is essential for healing the inner child.


Rhodonite can help you to connect with your inner child. It can also help you access the creativity and imagination that lie within. As a love stone, it can help to heal the heart and to feel more confident in giving and receiving love. Rhodonite can also help reduce stress and anxiety.

Any crystal can be used to meditate to nurture your inner child.

Here is a good way to meditate with crystals:

You can use any form of your preferred crystals for this. It can be a Rose Quartz Mala, a Larimar Bracelet, Amethyst Raw Stone, a Malachite Wrist Mala, or Rhodonite Generator or Wand.

To do this, simply sit or lie down in a comfortable position and hold a crystal in your hand. Close your eyes and focus on your breath. As you breathe in, imagine the crystal infusing you with white light. This light represents love, healing, and protection. Visualize yourself as a child. Imagine yourself at a time in your life when you felt happy, carefree, and loved. Allow yourself to feel the emotions of this time in your life. As you breathe out, release any fears, worries, or doubts that are holding you back. Continue breathing deeply and focus on the emotions of love and happiness. Stay here for as long as you like.

Allow yourself to summon the inner child within you and let loose and play.

4. Give yourself permission to play.

It’s easy to forget how important it is to play when we’re adults. We get so caught up in work and responsibilities that we often don’t take the time to just have fun anymore. But playing is actually really important for our mental and emotional health. So give yourself permission to play like a kid again! Go out and buy yourself some coloring books and crayons, build a fort out of blankets, or join a kickball league. Do whatever brings joy into your life!

Tap into your inner child.

Nurturing your inner child is essential for maintaining your mental and emotional health as an adult. By taking the time to schedule some “me” time into your schedule, talking to your inner child, and giving yourself permission to play again, you can keep that inner spark alive no matter how old you get!

Which Hand Should I Wear My Gemstone Bracelet On?

Many of our customers at The Mala Tree ask us which hand they should wear their gemstone bracelet on for maximum potency. The answer may surprise you! While some people believe that the left hand is associated with receiving energy and the right hand is associated with giving energy, the truth is that it doesn’t really matter which hand you wear your bracelet on. As long as you feel a connection to the stones and enjoy wearing them, that’s all that matters.

Left Hand or Right Hand?

Why Some People Believe the Left Hand Is Best 

The left hand is often seen as the receiving hand, while the right hand is seen as the giving hand. This is because in many cultures, including Hinduism and Christianity, the left hand is considered impure. In Hinduism, this is because the left hand is used for cleaning up after using the toilet. In Christianity, it stems from the story of Judas betraying Jesus Christ with a kiss on the cheek; since then, the left cheek has been considered impure. Because of these cultural associations, some people believe that wearing a gemstone bracelet on the left hand will help them receive energy from the stones. 

Why Some People Believe the Right Hand Is Best 

On the other end of the spectrum, some people believe that wearing a gemstone bracelet on the right hand will help them give off energy to others. This belief stems from the fact that in most cultures, the right hand is considered to be the more “clean” and pure hand. For example, in Christian ceremonies like baptism, communion, and confirmation, participants always use their right hand to receive blessed items like water or bread. Because of this association between purity and the right hand, some people believe that wearing a gemstone bracelet on their right wrist will help them give off positive energy to others. 

The Truth: It Doesn’t Really Matter 

At The Mala Tree, we believe that it doesn’t really matter which hand you wear your bracelet on, although we recommend wearing protection bracelets on the left for the reason stated above. The most important thing is that you feel a connection to your bracelet and enjoy wearing it. If you want to maximize potency, we recommend meditating with your bracelet or carrying your favorite stones in your pocket throughout the day. However you choose to use your bracelet, we hope you enjoy it.

Dominant Hand or Non-Dominant Hand: The Power of Intention

It is said that the power of our intention is amplified when it is spoken aloud and/or written down. When we share our intention with the universe, the universe hears us and does everything in its power to help us manifest our desires. So, how does this relate to which hand we should wear our bracelet on? 

Some say that we should wear our bracelets on our dominant hand because our dominant hand is the one we use to write down our intentions. Our dominant hand is also the one we use when speaking aloud and committing our intentions to the universe. By wearing our bracelet on our dominant hand, we are more likely to remember our intentions throughout the day and keep them at the forefront of our minds. 

Others say that we should wear our bracelets on our non-dominant hand because our non-dominant hand is closest to our hearts. Our non-dominant hand is also the one we use when receiving energy from the universe. By wearing our bracelet on our non-dominant hand, we are more likely to absorb the healing energies of the gemstones and crystals and allow them to work their magic. 

Which Hand Should You Wear Your Bracelet On?

Ultimately, there is no “correct” answer to this question. It depends entirely on your personal preference and intention. If you want to be more mindful of your intention throughout the day, then wearing your bracelet on your dominant hand may be the way to go. If you want to maximize the healing properties of your gemstones and crystals, then wearing your bracelet on your non-dominant hand may be a better option for you. 

At The Mala Tree Crystal Shop, we sell beautiful gemstone bracelets for both men and women, and we believe that whichever wrist you choose to adorn with your new The Mala Tree bracelet, know that as long as you feel a connection to it and enjoy wearing it, that’s all that matters. There you have it! Now that you know a little bit more about the ancient wisdom behind this age-old question, it’s time for you to decide which way feels right for you.

12 Feng Shui Practices Guaranteed To Help You Get Promoted

Do you feel like you’ve been stuck in the same position at work for far too long? Are you eager to move up the corporate ladder? If you’re looking for a little bit of extra help to achieve your goals, then you may want to consider incorporating some Feng Shui practices into your daily routine.

Feng Shui is all about creating harmony and balance in your environment, and this can lead to greater success in all areas of your life – including your career.

Here are 10 Feng Shui practices that can help you get promoted at work:

1. Keep your workspace clean and clutter-free.

A cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind. If you want to be seen as a go-getter at work, then it’s important to keep your workspace clean and organized. This sends the message that you’re efficient and capable of handling additional responsibility.

2. Make sure your desk is facing the right direction.

The position of your desk can have a big impact on your career success. For optimal Feng Shui, your desk should be facing the door so that you can see who’s coming and going. This will help you stay alert and aware of opportunities that may come your way.

3. Incorporate the gemstones of prosperity into your workspace.

Feng Shui principles suggest using the gemstones of wealth and prosperity in your workspace to attract success. This includes wearing Garnet, Aventurine, Citrine, Birth Element Piyao Bracelet, and your animal sign’s Victory Gemstone Bracelets.

4. Bring nature into your workspace.

Another way to incorporate the colors of prosperity into your workspace is to bring nature inside. This can be done by adding a few plants or placing a bowl of fruit on your desk. Not only will this add a touch of color, but it will also help purify the air and create more positive energy in your space.

5. Get rid of any negative energy in your workspace.

If you want to create positive and successful energy in your workspace, then it’s important to get rid of any negative energy that may be present. This includes anything that brings you down or makes you feel stressed. If you have any items like this in your space, get rid of them or store them out of sight.

6. Enhance the career area of your home.

Traditionally, it’s in the northwest, but please refer to the annual and monthly Fly Star Feng Shui chart to identify your career area. To enhance this area, you can add a water element like a fountain or an aquarium. You can also incorporate the colors purple and blue, as well as the metal element.

7. Add a “success” symbol to your workspace and office attire.

A popular Feng Shui practice is to add “success” symbols to your workspace. This can be something like a Money Tree or Om symbol or a crystal wand or generator. The idea is that this will represent the heights you’re looking to reach in your career. Wearing a Laughing Buddha silver pendant, Piyao bracelet, and Dzi bracelets will surely boost your chances of getting promoted.

8. Get a wealth-enhancing mala necklace, use it for meditation, and chant a success mantra.

One of the most powerful feng shui practices for career success is to wear a wealth-enhancing mala necklace and chant a success mantra.

There are many different mantras that you can use for this practice, but one of the most popular is: “Om mani Padme hum.” This mantra translates to “hail the jewel in the lotus,” and, when it comes to prosperity, it’s said to be very powerful.

9. Take advantage of the “Feng Shui” days.

Certain days of the week and month are considered to be more auspicious for Feng Shui. These are typically days that are associated with positive energies like prosperity and success. If you have an important meeting or presentation, try to schedule it on one of these days. The Mala Tree‘s Abundance Planner has this information as it lists down the auspicious and inauspicious activities and luck boosters for each of the 365 days of the year.

10. Make sure your name is visible.

If you want to make sure that you’re being seen and heard at work, then it’s important to have your name visible in your office space. This can be done by adding your nameplate to your desk or hanging a sign on the door.

11. Wear the right colors.

The colors you wear can also have an impact on your career success. When choosing what to wear to work, consider colors that represent prosperity and success, such as red, yellow, and green. It is best though to refer to the suggested lucky colors of the year based on your Feng Shui animal sign.

12. Follow the Feng Shui principles of space clearing.

Last but not least, one of the best things you can do for your career is to follow the Feng Shui principles of space clearing. This involves getting rid of any clutter or negative energy in your workspace. When your space is clean and organized, it will help you feel more focused and motivated to achieve your goals.

Following these Feng Shui practices can help you create more positive and successful energy in your workspace. By making a few simple changes, you can attract the success you’re looking for.

8 Crystals for Cats for Stress, Anxiety, Sadness, and More

Cats are prone to stress and anxiety, but the good news is that several crystals can help ease these symptoms. Below are eight of the best crystals for cats:

Kimochi - One of The Mala Tree's Beloved Cats
Kimochi – One of The Mala Tree’s favorite cats.
  1. Amethyst is a purple crystal that is known for its calming properties. It can help to soothe the nerves and reduce stress levels. It will help your cat to feel more relaxed and can even be used to help with insomnia.
  2. Quartz is a clear crystal that is known for its ability to amplify energy. It can help to increase the flow of positive energy and reduce negative energy. It will help your cat to feel more balanced and can even be used to help with healing.
  3. Tourmaline is a black crystal that is known for its ability to ground and protect. It can help to shield against negative energy and provide a sense of stability. It will help your cat to feel more secure and can even be used to help with fearfulness.
  4. Obsidian is a black crystal that is known for its ability to absorb negative energy. It can help to protect against negative influences and provide a sense of security. It will help your cat to feel more protected and can even be used to help with grief.
  5. Smokey Quartz is a brown crystal that is known for its ability to transmute negative energy. It can help to Transform negative thoughts and emotions into positive ones. It will help your cat to feel more positive and can even be used to help with depression.
  6. Tiger’s Eye is a brown and yellow crystal that is known for its ability to promote courage and confidence. It can help to give you the strength to face your fears and overcome challenges. It will help your cat to feel more confident and can even be used to help with shyness.
  7. Citrine is a yellow crystal that is commonly associated with happiness, vitality, and joy. It can help to bring joy and positivity into your life. It will help your cat to feel more content and can even be used to help with anxiety.
  8. Rose Quartz is a pink crystal that is known for its ability to promote love and compassion. It can help to open your heart to love and nurture your relationships. It will help your cat to feel more loved and can even be used to help with jealousy.

When choosing crystals for your cat, it is important to consider the specific needs of your pet. Some crystals may be more beneficial for certain issues than others. It is also important to cleanse and charge the crystals regularly to ensure their effectiveness.

Gandy, The Cat
Gandy The Cat is the resident cat in our mala-making headquarters outside Manila.

35 Holywood Celebrities and Famous People Who Are Into Healing Crystals and Gemstones

In the last few years, there has been a surge in the popularity of gemstones and crystals. Many people are drawn to their beauty and stunning array of colors. While some people collect these treasures for their aesthetic value, others believe in their power to promote physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Regardless of the reason, it is clear that gemstones and crystals are having a moment.

What is even more interesting is the number of celebrities who have jumped on the bandwagon and begun publicly sharing their love of crystals.

Madonna recommended her crystal healer to Katy Perry. Scarlett Johannson was spotted several times wearing a lot of gemstones on the red carpet. A few years ago, a naked Lady Gaga got naked embraced a humongous quartz crystal in a video. Willow and Jaden Smith created Orgonite pucks and pyramids. For her app, Kylie Jenner looked into crystal healing. Robin Thicke spent $20,000 on an amethyst stone.

Here are some Hollywood Celebrities, models, and famous people talking about the magic of healing crystals and gemstones:

Adele, Singer

“I was so nervous about my comeback show and I was panicking. I was out of practice and I was busy being a Mum. But it was one of the best shows I’ve ever done and I had these bloody crystals in my hand … Then the Grammys came and I lost my fucking crystals! I had a gig two or three days before them and I think I left them at this venue. It turned out to be the worst, most disastrous performance that I have ever done. Well, apart from one really early on when I was doing a gig in Angel and I got so drunk I fell off my chair. But I got some new crystals now and everything’s been going well.” —The Sun, March 2016

Andrew Keegan, Actor

On water crystals used at a Sunday service:

“We’re very, very aware of the shift that’s happening in the mind and the heart, and everybody is on that love agenda. We’re very much scientifically, spiritually, and emotionally aware of how it works, meaning that there’s power in the crystals, there’s power in our hearts, there’s an alignment, there’s a resonance … and it transfers through water.” —Vice, August 2014

Andy Warhol, American Visual Artist

“I’m starting to think that crystals don’t work. Because look what’s happened lately when they’re supposed to be protecting me — my rug has cancer from the moths, I stepped on a beautiful old plastic ring and crushed it, and I was assaulted at the book signing. But I’ve got to believe in something, so I’ll continue with the crystals. Because things could always be worse.” —The Andy Warhol Diaries, November, 1985 entry

Anne Hathaway, Actress

“[Los Angeles] was never really my thing. I’d been out there for 14 years and never really felt anything for it and then we started to make some awesome friendships. Suddenly I realised I was hiking every day. [Laughs] And having a lot of conversations about crystals, which made me really happy. But I’m happiest when I can travel and spend time at home.” —Glamour Magazine UK, October 2015

Bella Hadid, Model

Bella shared on Instagram her huge crystal collection which includes celestite, clear quartz, and selenite.

Bethany Cosentino, Singer

“I’m super into astrology and when I turned 27 I started doing a lot of self-exploration, finding out who I am and that kind of stuff. My mom is really New Age. I carry a pouch of crystals with me everywhere I go. I’m super into that kind of stuff. I hate flying, so I’ll be on a plane and I’ll be that weirdo in the corner with these in my hand. One is for anxiety and depression, one is Moonstone which helps with clarity, this other one. They’re basically all to help center and balance you.” —Vice, July 2015

Brandi Glanville, American TV Personality

“Thank God there’s moon issues because I’ve been very emotional today and I had zero reason why until now! Charge your crystals.” —her Twitter, September 2015

Busy Philipps, Actress

“I’ve been into crystals since I was a child — we’ve been into crystals in Arizona since the dawn of time,” she told Us Weekly. “I wear a lot of them, and I carry a big clear quartz that a friend gave me for good luck when I moved to L.A.” There’s a crystal necklace she always wears.

Crystal Renn, American Plus Size Model

When asked about her biggest indulgence:  “Going to really exotic and strange locations. I absolutely believe that when one goes on vacation, it should be pure decadence … If I were to say a second thing, then really special crystals in different shapes that can’t be found easily. I just found this concave amethyst sphere and the way that it grew and cracked is so beautiful. I’ve been collecting crystals for many, many years for healing purposes and decoration and I think this might be the best I’ve found. I guess since my name is Crystal, I have no choice.” —Harper’s Bazaar, January 2016

David Beckham, Athlete

“We’ve both been into crystals since moving to L.A.” —Daily Star, December 2010

Debra Messing, Will & Grace

“I’ve always felt energy from the precious stones I’ve had the privilege of wearing,” she wrote in  Instagram post, revealing that her stone of choice is Malachite. “It just makes sense to me that everything that comes from the earth would have a certain frequency.”

Father John Misty, Musician

“There’s been, understandably, a not insignificant outcry regarding the alleged ‘theft’ of the rose Quartz crystal from the Echo Park Moon Juice™, pictured above. I am here to claim responsibility, though I do not condone the rhetoric employed in Moon Juice’s post. To claim that ‘something has been “stolen”’ is itself a tacit endorsement of the capitalist values that blended superfoods and locally sourced produce stands, ironically, in direct opposition to.” —his Instagram, July 2016

Heidi Pratt, American TV Personality

“I was not in the right mind frame to make that decision [for plastic surgery]. I was in so much pain. I was literally crying every day … I felt the crystals were helping. Whether it was just metaphorically, or just a placebo effect, [they helped]. Spencer was like, ‘Wow! These crystals are really working’ too. We were just not at a good place at the end of The Hills.” —Vice, February 2016

Jenna Dewan, Actress

Jenna Dewan revealed that she has “like 200 crystals” in her home, in an August 2018 YouTube video. She revealed that these crystals make her “stay connected to the Earth, our universe, and just nature in general.” Her favorites are rose quartz, lapis lazuli, and smoky quartz,

Josie Maran, Model

What’s in her bag? “Healing crystal earrings. I enjoy healing stones because they help focus, transfer, and store energy associated with environmental changes before it enters our auras.” —Racked, April 2016

Julianne Hough, Dancing with the Stars

She loves to meditate using gemstones.  “I really do believe in the Earth’s energy,” she recently told MindBodyGreen

. “So I have some really Earthy stones and then I also have some very spiritual ones as well, very light ones. When I practice my meditation, I put a healing stone around my sacral area. I always send my love down there instead of hating it, and being angry and being disconnected [because of my endometriosis].”

Kate Hudson, Actress

What’s on your nightstand?

“A crystal bowl filled with rose-quartz heart crystals that my mom gave me for Mother’s Day one year.” —Marie Claire, June 2013

Katy Perry, Singer

“I don’t stay single for long. I carry a lot of rose quartz, which attracts the male. Maybe I need to calm it down with amethyst.” —Cosmopolitan, July 2014

Kiersey Clemons, Actor

“Two years ago, while walking in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, I saw a street vendor selling crystals. He talked me into getting a rose-quartz necklace, and I carried it around everywhere … One time, I really wanted this huge teal-colored crystal. I didn’t even know what the stone’s properties were, I was just like, That’s beautiful; I bet it does great shit; I want it. I was bidding up to $400! Then a friend came over, and I forgot about bidding and lost. That’s God telling me, ‘You need to calm the fuck down. You don’t need that — you don’t even know what that does.’ … I understand why people believe it’s a placebo effect — there’s no physical evidence that crystals heal you — but, to me, that makes it better. That I can trick myself into thinking I’m healing myself — that makes me feel like I’m a goddess.” —Marie Claire, May 2016

Kim Kardashian, American Media Personality

“I was really inspired by healing crystals when, after my Paris situation, all my friends would come over and they’d bring me healing crystals, and I didn’t really know anything about them,” she reavealed to Ellen DeGeneres in a November 2017 interview. Her perfume KKW Fragrance uses the energy of gemstones and crystals. “It’s about calmness, healing, and good energy,” she says.

Lucy Hale, Actress

“I practice reiki with this woman. I don’t know if you know what reiki is, but it’s like energy work. And so I never in a million years thought I would be that person that would be into all of that stuff, but I completely am. I think it’s amazing and that it truly works. Anyway, she was going to…a crystal fair that they have, and she picked up these gorgeous amethyst stones for my house. Basically, amethyst is the most positive stone there is, so if you put them in your house, they’re supposed to generate good energy. It’s very new for me, and I’m still learning a lot about it.” —People, August 2016

Madelaine Petsch, Riverdale

“I’m very into crystals and meditation, and it’s all about my brain and how my brain is feeling,” she told Us in June 2018.

Marina Abramović, Artist

“I’ve never put crystals in my cleavage, but OK. I have put crystals near my head and asked, ‘You know what time it is?’” —Vice, December 2012

Miranda Kerr, Model

“You may have read in some press articles that when I’m asked what’s in my handbag … I often mention a crystal wand or a Rose Quartz crystal. My crystal wand is incredibly special to me, and is one of my most cherished items. It’s made of Clear Quartz and is studded with Rose Quartz. Clear Quartz is a great stone for gathering, directing and transmitting energy … it can also transform negative energy into positive energy, and Rose Quartz is a wonderful stone to heal and protect the heart, balance emotions, release stress and tension, and encourage love and self-esteem. Crystals can be used in many different methods of healing. In addition to using on a specific area of the body, or on Chakras points to locate blockages to cleanse and heal them, they can also be used in massage. Massaging the body with a crystal helps to release tension from the body, while at the same time the stone’s healing energy is transferred to the body. I hold my crystal during meditation, prayer, deep belly breathing, and use it to infuse my Luxurious Rosehip Body Oil with positive vibrations prior to a massage. I also sleep with it nearby so I’m constantly receiving its special healing energies.” —KORA Organics, February 2015

Minnie Driver, Actress

The actress told Us in June 2018, “I burn palo santo, you know, the sacred wood, I light candles, I have crystals by my bed… completely serene and just tidy, but I have all my books and meaningful photographs. It has that sanctuary quality of all the things I love.”

Naomi Campbell, Model

“I think they bring great energy … You should see how many I travel with.” —People, February 2007

Nia Long, NCIS: Los Angeles

She has a talisman and she shared to Us in May 2016: “I have a very small pink angel, it’s like the size of a quarter but it’s made out of rose quartz. When my grandmother passed away I was taking my youngest son to buy crystals because I had a couple crystals and he thought they were the most amazing things, and so as we were leaving the guy said, ‘Here, keep this with you. It’s a lucky angel.’ And it’s just like my lucky little thing. My grandmother had just passed away and her favorite color was pink so I was like, I wonder if this is a sign that she’s with me or her saying hello, so I just keep that in my wallet.”

Nat Wolff, Actor

“I’ve learned a lot about a lot of things from her [Shailene Woodley]. She convinced Ansel [Elgort] and me not to wear deodorant. She somehow has that magical girl thing where you don’t ever smell bad. She had special crystals that make her smell good. Ansel and I, after two days — it was disgusting. We smelled like wild animals. I soon went back to the deodorant that’s going to give me cancer.” —Elle, April 2015

Nicole Richie, American Media Personality

“I carry them with me and I wear a lot of necklaces,” she told Us in November 2018. “We did fine crystals for House of Harlow, so I do a smoky quartz. It’s for grounding and protection.” Her favorites are: “Rose quartz. I think it’s a beautiful quartz that really works for everyone and citrine, I love.”

Oprah Winfrey, Host

“Bathing is my hobby. I love creating bathing experiences—bath gels, bubbles, crystals, salts, lavender milks…” (

Patrick Swayze, Actor

“I absolutely believe in crystals. They are a major part of my life. I really think I’m on a journey now, spiritually and caree- wise. [While holding a gemstone wand.] This is my magic wand. And this one … tiny, smooth, black, this has positive properties … I have tons of these things. Museum quality. I don’t know if this stuff works. But I tell ya, I believe that things you believe in can come true.” —Philadelphia Inquirer, April 1992

Rosanna Arquette, Sideswiped

She told to Us in June 2018, “I have broken two of them (gemstone water glass bottles) already, but love them.” She has another favorite: “It’s a face mist, I love it, with garnet and Reiki-charged crystals. It’s great to have if you have grumpy travelers around you, since it wards off bad energy!”

Shirley MacLaine, Actress

“The first time someone gave me a natural quartz crystal I laid it in the palm of my hand to examine it. I was fascinated. Not only was it beautiful: it seemed to have dimensions within dimensions, reflections within reflections. I held it up to the sun and allowed myself to sort of go inside it…In a darkened room I placed the crystal given to me at eye level on a high table. Then I lit a candle behind it and sat down next to it. I gazed into the crystal and projected positive and loving thought forms into it. I had the feeling that they reverberated back to me. It was very pleasant. Then I tried negative and angry thought forms. I had the feeling that that is what I got back. I became uncomfortable. I made my choice. For an hour I sat in front of my crystal with the candle behind it and just gazed into it with thoughts that were as pleasant as I could conjure up. It was a wonderful evening. And I slept better than I had in weeks.” —Going Within, 1989

Spencer Pratt, American Media Personality

“I am so addicted to crystals, it’s like a sickness. I’ve spent $500,000 on crystals this year. I checked my bank account last night, and I have $203 left …[On Valentine’s Day] we hung out with our puppies and cuddled with our crystal. It’s supposed to bring love. There’s a whole science to this — I’m not crazy.” —Life and Style, February 2010

Victoria Beckham, Singer (Spice Girls)

“I’m a very spiritual person. I travel with my crystals. I’ve got all different colors. It’s just something that I’m into. I am quite a superstitious person. I don’t walk under a ladder. If I see a magpie, I salute.” —Allure, March 2011

It is interesting to see how Hollywood celebrities and other popular people use crystals and gemstones for personal reasons. Whether it be for protection, grounding, or warding off bad energy, these celebrities believe in the power of crystals. It is also interesting to see the different ways in which they use them. Some wear them as jewelry, while others carry them around with them. Still, others use them for meditative purposes. Whatever the reason, it is clear that crystals and gemstones have a place in Hollywood culture.

Reiki and Gemstones—A Powerful Healing Combination

If you’re not familiar with the term, “Reiki” is a Japanese technique that not only reduces stress and promotes relaxation, but also heals the mind, body, and soul. The idea is that there is an unseen “life force energy” flowing through us which makes us alive. If we have low “life force energy”, we are more susceptible to illness and stress. If it’s high, we tend to be healthier and more balanced. Reiki helps to cleanse and balance our energy, leaving us feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

The Healing Hands

Reiki practitioners use their hands in a variety of ways to channel energy into the person they are treating, helping to restore balance and promote healing. The hands can be placed lightly on the body or held slightly above it. Some people find that placing their hands on certain areas of the body helps to focus the energy and promote healing. Others find that simply holding their hands near the person’s body is enough.

The power of Reiki is believed to come from the life force energy that flows through us all. This life force is what makes us alive and vibrant, and when it’s out of balance, we can become sick or stressed. Reiki helps to cleanse and balance our energy, restoring us to our natural state of health and well-being.

The Healing Stones

Gemstones are beautiful, powerful tools that can be used for healing. Each gemstone has its own unique frequency that interacts with human energy fields—or chakras—to promote balance and harmony. When our chakras are balanced, we feel good mentally, physically, and emotionally. But when they become imbalanced, we may start to experience physical or emotional symptoms.

Gemstones are unique in that they each have their own specific vibrational frequency. When these frequencies are brought into our energy field, they can help to raise our overall vibration, promoting balance and harmony. Gemstones can be used in a variety of ways, such as being worn as jewelry, placed on the body during chakra healing sessions, or used in meditations.

Gemstone therapy can be used to help balance the chakras and promote healing on all levels. The stones are placed on or around the body in specific positions that correspond with the chakras. The combination of Reiki and gemstone therapy is particularly powerful because it addresses both the physical and energetic aspects of imbalance. 

Reiki Healing Combined with Gemstone Therapy

One of the reasons Reiki is so powerful is that it can be combined with other modalities, such as gemstone therapy. The two therapies work together to create a synergistic effect that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Reiki helps to balance the energy in the body, while gemstone therapy helps to balance the chakras. Together, they provide a complete healing experience that can help to relieve symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression, as well as pain and other physical ailments.

The combination of Reiki and gemstone therapy is a powerful one and can be used to help treat a wide variety of issues, both physical and emotional. If you are looking for a way to improve your overall health and well-being, this is definitely something to consider. You may be surprised at the difference it makes in your overall health and well-being.

The Top 8 Gemstones and Crystals for Detoxification

Are you feeling bogged down and sluggish? If so, it might be time for a detox. When it comes to detoxification, there are a number of factors to consider: diet, lifestyle, environment, and emotions. While all of these aspects are important, today we’re going to focus on the role of crystals and gemstones in detoxification. Each crystal and gemstone has its own unique properties that can support detoxification on physical, emotional, and energetic levels. Here are eight stones that can help you get started!

Detoxification is the process of removing toxins from the body. Toxins can come from a variety of sources, including environmental pollution, processed foods, and stress. Over time, these toxins can accumulate in the body and can cause a wide range of health problems. Detoxification is essential for maintaining good health and preventing disease.

Here are eight stones and crystals that can help support your detoxification process:

1. Aquamarine

Aquamarine is a blue-green crystal that is said to be helpful in detoxifying the body. It is thought to stimulate the immune system and help the body eliminate toxins. Aquamarine is also said to be helpful in treating respiratory problems, as it is thought to open up the airways and ease congestion.

2. Hematite

Hematite is a black-colored stone that has been used for centuries for its detoxifying properties. Hematite is thought to help cleanse the blood and improve circulation. Additionally, hematite is believed to promote tissue regeneration and help to detoxify the liver and kidneys

3. Garnet

Garnet is a red variety of silicate that is known for its ability to detoxify the lymphatic system. Garnet is said to help improve lymphatic function and aid in the removal of toxins from the body. Additionally, garnet is said to help boost the immune system and reduce inflammation.

4. Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian is a variety of volcanic glass that is known for its ability to detoxify the mind. Obsidian is said to help clear negative thoughts and emotions, and promote mental clarity and focus. Additionally, obsidian is said to help ease anxiety and stress, and promote feelings of peace and calm.

5. Malachite

Malachite is a green stone that has long been used for its purported health benefits. Malachite is said to be a powerful detoxifier, helping to remove toxins from the body. It is also believed to promote healing and reduce inflammation.

6. Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is a dark-colored crystal that is said to be helpful in absorbing negative energy. It is also thought to be helpful in detoxifying the body, as it is believed to help remove toxins and heavy metals. Black tourmaline is also said to be helpful in boosting the immune system and promoting overall health.

7. Fluorite

Fluorite is a green or purple crystal that is known for its ability to detoxify the body. It is said to help purify the blood and remove toxins from the liver. Fluorite is also thought to be helpful in treating infections, as it is said to boost the immune system and fight off bacteria.

8. Jade

Jade is a green variety of jadeite that is known for its ability to detoxify the kidneys. Jade is said to help improve kidney function and aid in the elimination of toxins from the body. Additionally, jade is said to help reduce inflammation and promote healing.

There are many ways to detoxify the body such as a healthy diet, exercise, and stress reduction. However, incorporating crystals and gemstones into your detoxification process can provide additional support. So, if you’re looking for a little extra help on your journey to good health, consider adding some of these stones to your detoxification