Space Clearing: Welcoming the Abundance That is About to Come

SPACE CLEARING is essentially about eliminating the energy that has stagnated in a certain space – your house, your room, your workplace, or your place of business. Energy should constantly flow and, ideally, must roam around freely inside your space and always surround you with loving, abundant, and healthy vibes, and be a convenient spot that pushes you to achieve your dreams and wants.

You may conduct a Space Clearing ritual before a new year starts (January 1 and/or Lunar New Year), on your birthday, after a bad event has happened, if you are moving to a new house if you desire a new partner or accomplishment of a project, and every time you sense the existence of negative energy in any space. Trust your instinct. The presence of negative energy will make itself known and felt. The good news is that each time you feel there is negative energy somewhere, there is positive energy that is knocking at the door. You just have to welcome it and occupy as much space as possible.


Before any Space Clearing ritual, you must prepare the space. The key is decluttering. Choose any decluttering/organizing method that works for you, but it is highly recommended that you focus on what you hope to accomplish in a dwelling. Here are the essential things that you need to do before the space clearing to make the process more potent:

  • Welcome the sunshine and fresh air into your space by opening all the windows wide.
  • Throw out plants that are dead or dying. Transplanting is an option, too.
  • Remove piles of magazines you have accumulated through the years, especially the ones you will never read. Dispose of broken things or those with missing parts.
  • Conduct a major cleaning of the space. Vacuum the carpet, shine the floors, and clean those windows.

Now, you are ready to fill your space with soothing abundance.


Listed below are ways to conduct your Space Clearing ritual. These techniques have been used for many centuries and by many civilizations.  You may choose which one suits you or you may do combinations. What is most important is that you ritualize the arrival of the energy of abundance and be receptive to the blessings that are about to enter. 

CRYSTALS. Use cleansed crystals as a tool for space clearing. Some basic crystals against negativity are Black Tourmaline, Clear Quartz, Selenite, and Amethyst. You may create a grid around the perimeter of any area or you may just put them in every corner of your house or workplace. They will absorb the negative energy. Let them stay for 24 hours and collect and cleanse them after use.

SOUND.  Use a cleansed and charged Tibetan Singing Bowl by either beating it or by rubbing the mallet around the rim to make it sing. Move around the house (clockwise) as you do this, making the sound vibrate through all the walls of your dwelling. Bells can brighten up the vibration of any spot, too. You may likewise use Drums as the sound shatters dormant energy. You may further use Chants and fill the space with sacred mantras or affirmations. If you lack tools, you may likewise do some Clapping, a simple but effective Space Clearing technique. Move clockwise and clap to release blocked energies from every corner, every pathway, and every shelf.

SALT.  Salt is a powerful energy-cleansing ingredient. You may even use it for personal energy restoration by adding a bit of salt to your bath water, especially before any Space Clearing ritual. To get rid of the negative energy of any location, place salt in a small bowl and position them in each corner of your space. Dispose of the salt after 24 hours – don’t let the used salt stay inside your house.

INCENSE, SMUDGING, AND SPRAYS.  Light the incense and allow smoke to travel everywhere in the room. Remember to set intentions while doing this. You may also use special sprays to clear a space.

After doing any of these, your personal energy will be restored and your space has now become a receptive vessel for abundance and blessings.

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