12 Feng Shui Practices Guaranteed To Help You Get Promoted

Do you feel like you’ve been stuck in the same position at work for far too long? Are you eager to move up the corporate ladder? If you’re looking for a little bit of extra help to achieve your goals, then you may want to consider incorporating some Feng Shui practices into your daily routine.

Feng Shui is all about creating harmony and balance in your environment, and this can lead to greater success in all areas of your life – including your career.

Here are 10 Feng Shui practices that can help you get promoted at work:

1. Keep your workspace clean and clutter-free.

A cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind. If you want to be seen as a go-getter at work, then it’s important to keep your workspace clean and organized. This sends the message that you’re efficient and capable of handling additional responsibility.

2. Make sure your desk is facing the right direction.

The position of your desk can have a big impact on your career success. For optimal Feng Shui, your desk should be facing the door so that you can see who’s coming and going. This will help you stay alert and aware of opportunities that may come your way.

3. Incorporate the gemstones of prosperity into your workspace.

Feng Shui principles suggest using the gemstones of wealth and prosperity in your workspace to attract success. This includes wearing Garnet, Aventurine, Citrine, Birth Element Piyao Bracelet, and your animal sign’s Victory Gemstone Bracelets.

4. Bring nature into your workspace.

Another way to incorporate the colors of prosperity into your workspace is to bring nature inside. This can be done by adding a few plants or placing a bowl of fruit on your desk. Not only will this add a touch of color, but it will also help purify the air and create more positive energy in your space.

5. Get rid of any negative energy in your workspace.

If you want to create positive and successful energy in your workspace, then it’s important to get rid of any negative energy that may be present. This includes anything that brings you down or makes you feel stressed. If you have any items like this in your space, get rid of them or store them out of sight.

6. Enhance the career area of your home.

Traditionally, it’s in the northwest, but please refer to the annual and monthly Fly Star Feng Shui chart to identify your career area. To enhance this area, you can add a water element like a fountain or an aquarium. You can also incorporate the colors purple and blue, as well as the metal element.

7. Add a “success” symbol to your workspace and office attire.

A popular Feng Shui practice is to add “success” symbols to your workspace. This can be something like a Money Tree or Om symbol or a crystal wand or generator. The idea is that this will represent the heights you’re looking to reach in your career. Wearing a Laughing Buddha silver pendant, Piyao bracelet, and Dzi bracelets will surely boost your chances of getting promoted.

8. Get a wealth-enhancing mala necklace, use it for meditation, and chant a success mantra.

One of the most powerful feng shui practices for career success is to wear a wealth-enhancing mala necklace and chant a success mantra.

There are many different mantras that you can use for this practice, but one of the most popular is: “Om mani Padme hum.” This mantra translates to “hail the jewel in the lotus,” and, when it comes to prosperity, it’s said to be very powerful.

9. Take advantage of the “Feng Shui” days.

Certain days of the week and month are considered to be more auspicious for Feng Shui. These are typically days that are associated with positive energies like prosperity and success. If you have an important meeting or presentation, try to schedule it on one of these days. The Mala Tree‘s Abundance Planner has this information as it lists down the auspicious and inauspicious activities and luck boosters for each of the 365 days of the year.

10. Make sure your name is visible.

If you want to make sure that you’re being seen and heard at work, then it’s important to have your name visible in your office space. This can be done by adding your nameplate to your desk or hanging a sign on the door.

11. Wear the right colors.

The colors you wear can also have an impact on your career success. When choosing what to wear to work, consider colors that represent prosperity and success, such as red, yellow, and green. It is best though to refer to the suggested lucky colors of the year based on your Feng Shui animal sign.

12. Follow the Feng Shui principles of space clearing.

Last but not least, one of the best things you can do for your career is to follow the Feng Shui principles of space clearing. This involves getting rid of any clutter or negative energy in your workspace. When your space is clean and organized, it will help you feel more focused and motivated to achieve your goals.

Following these Feng Shui practices can help you create more positive and successful energy in your workspace. By making a few simple changes, you can attract the success you’re looking for.

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