Maximize Your Money Flow with Feng Shui Programmed Gemstone Money Trees

Optimize your money flow and create abundance in your life with Feng Shui programmed gemstone money trees. By using the power of intention and natural gemstones, these trees work to attract money, success, and prosperity. Here’s how they work.

How Feng Shui Programmed Gemstone Trees Work

Feng Shui programmed gemstone money trees are made with a variety of different gemstones that are known to represent different aspects of wealth and abundance. The most common gemstones used in these trees are citrine, rose quartz, carnelian, clear quartz, and amethyst. 

Each gemstone has its own unique vibration and frequency that interacts with the energies around it. When these gemstones are placed in specific spaces, their frequencies activate to create a powerful money-attracting energy field.

The idea behind Feng Shui programmed gemstone trees is that they will help you to attract more wealth, success, and abundance into your life. These trees are placed in strategic positions in your home or office, where they can help to create a powerful money-attracting energy field.

Very Important: It Must Be Feng Shui Programmed & The Root Energy is Positive

It’s important to choose a tree that has been specifically designed for Feng Shui purposes (you can find these at The Mala Tree). In addition, be sure to choose a tree that resonates with you energetically; after all, this is an investment in your wealth and abundance! Be sure to choose a quality tree from a reputable source, and enjoy witnessing your money grow!

Of course, not all gemstone trees are created equal. The root energy of your money tree is important. Root Energy refers to the energy you will inherit from your gemstone source. It affects the efficacy of gemstones, especially those which you intend to use for wealth. At The Mala Tree Crystal Shop, having more than 10 strong years under our belt as an industry leader, we ensure that each of our gemstones is programmed with only the most potent, positive energy. A quality tree will have a positive Root Energy, which will amplify the wealth-attracting properties of the gemstones.

Making Money Trees Work For You

When you purchase a Feng Shui gemstone money tree, you will need to activate it with your intention. First, decide what you would like to manifest—more money, success in your career, or more customers for your business, for example. Once you have decided what you would like to create more of in your life, hold the tree in your hands and state your intention out loud. For example, “I intend for this tree to attract more money into my life.” Be specific about what you would like to manifest and feel confident in your statement. You can also write down your intention on a piece of paper and place it under the tree.

Next, choose the appropriate stone for your intention. There are many different stones that correspond with different energies. For example, if you wish to attract more money, you may choose to use citrine. If you are looking to create more success in your career, carnelian is a good choice for you. Select the stones that resonate with you and place them on or around the tree. You can also wear these stones as jewelry or carry them with you throughout the day to help amplify your energy.

The final step is to care for your tree. Place it in an area of your home or office that corresponds with your intention. For example, if you are looking to attract more wealth into your life, place it in the prosperity corner of your home. With proper care, your Feng Shui programmed gemstone money tree will bring prosperity and abundance into your life for years to come!

How to Use Feng Shui Programmed Gemstone Trees in Your Home or Office 

To use a Feng Shui Programmed money tree in your home or office, simply place it in an area that represents one of the eight areas of life: Wealth, Career, Love & Relationship, Family & Health, Fame & Reputation, Creativity & Children, Knowing & Wisdom, or Helpful People & Travel. 

For example, if you want to attract more wealth into your life, you would place your tree in your Wealth area. If you’re looking for a new job or promotion, you would place your tree in your Career area. 

You can also use more than one tree in each area if you feel it would be beneficial. For example, if you have a large family and want to protect their health as well as increase the overall wealth of the family unit, you could place two Clear Quartz trees in your Family & Health area. 

No matter how many trees you decide to use or where you place them, make sure they are placed in an area where they won’t be disturbed so they can do their work effectively. 

A multi-gemstone money tree being cleansed using a crystal singing bowl.

The most important thing to remember when using Feng Shui programmed gemstone money trees is that they are tools to help you achieve your financial goals but in order to see the best results, be sure to use your money tree in conjunction with other wealth-attracting Feng Shui techniques, such as meditating with a wealth-enhancing Mala like aventurine and pyrite, wearing a Piyao or Pixiu bracelet for your personal Feng Shui, wearing your animal sign’s Victory Bracelet, and exhibiting positive money mindset habits.

Feng Shui Programmed Gemstone Trees are powerful tools that can help manifest your intentions into reality. By following these simple steps, you can harness the power of natural gemstones and create abundance in all areas of your life!

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