Guide to Programming Crystals the Easy Way

Healing gemstones and crystals emanate vibrations that can be attuned to your energy. Syncing with it can unlock its potential to serve your desires and goals. To do so, you have to program your crystal. What it simply means is that you have to imbue it with your intentions. This article will list down the steps you have to do to program them.

Cleansing the Crystals

Time and again we emphasize the necessity of crystal cleansing. It is the very first thing that you will do with your crystal at the start of your journey together. It is also the practice that will renew that relationship and keeps the crystal back to its optimal capacity. Removing the negative energy in your healing gemstones and crystals is the prerequisite before programming it. So make sure you do this before anything else. You can use singing bowls, sage, palo santo, Tibetan bells, and/or blessed incense. A guide for crystal cleansing can be read HERE.

Crystal Programming Ritual

Once you have cleansed your healing gemstones and crystals of accumulated negative energy,  you are ready to proceed with the crystal programming ritual. It is important to emphasize here that you should also be spiritually and mentally ready. Keep your desires and need clear within your mind and proceed with the following steps below.

  1. Prepare a sacred space where you will do the ritual. It should be well-ventilated and full of positive energy. Once chosen, it will be the space for all your cleansing and programming rituals.
  2. Light calming and cleansing incenses. It will help you achieve a level of tranquility to prepare you for the ritual. Immerse yourself in the smoke of lavender incense as it is an effective relaxant.
  3. Settle in a comfortable position in the room and hold the crystal with your dominant hand.
  4. Meditate. Do Pranayama while chanting a mantra. Repeat for a minimum of 8 times. While chanting, visualize with your mind’s eye your goal or desire.
  5. After one cycle, slowly transfer the crystal with your other hand. Repeat step number four.
  6. By using your dominant hand, slowly push the energy of your intent into the crystal.
  7. Repeat the chanting and shift the crystals between two hands. Do this until you feel that all the vibrations have entered the crystal.
  8. After the ritual, whisper words of gratitude to your crystal. Now it is ready to amplify your intention throughout the universe!

The intention that you imbue within your crystal can be for love, wealth, or even happiness. It can be anything positive that you want to happen but be focused on it. Just remember to use the right crystal that will resonate with your intention. Ask The Mala Tree Crystal Shop for the right crystals for your needs.

The energy within healing gemstones and crystals will eventually fade over time. Also, energies outside your intention get caught in the crystal and over time accumulate. You will notice this when the crystal is not vibrating as it used to. The twin stages of cleansing and programming will renew your crystal’s vibration.

If you want your intentions to manifest reality, healing gemstones and crystals will be there for you. However, on their own, they will not function. You have to work with it to achieve your goals. Your commitment to your goal is reflected by the commitment you provide to your crystal. Giving time to cleanse and reprogram your crystal is part of this commitment. This care regimen not only makes them work efficiently but also makes them work longer down the road. So take care of your crystals and let them take care of the rest!

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