Cleansing Gemstones: Renewing Your Crystal’s Energy

Before the beginning of your journey with a crystal, it has been passed on to many hands before finding itself in a crystal shop. Healing gemstones and crystals absorb energies and intentions. Hence, it has to be cleansed before starting to work on it.

During the course of your relationship with the stone, it will nonetheless capture outside energy and accumulate as time goes by. Its capacity to serve as an intention amplifier diminishes as a result. No longer will it vibrate as much as it used to.

As with basically every tool, your healing gemstones and crystals need to be recharged to keep them functioning well. Likewise, a new crystal needs to be reprogrammed before use. Crystal cleansing reactivates and rejuvenates them. Regular cleansing reflects one’s commitment to the power of the crystal. Do this and it will serve you well. Here are some recommended methods of cleansing your crystals.

1.       Sunlight or moonlight bathing.

            A return to nature from where your crystal came from is highly beneficial. It is also one of the most accessible ways of crystal cleansing. Let it bask in sunlight or moonlight for at least four hours. Moonlight is much more recommended for darker crystals as sunlight might make its color fade.

2.       A blanketing of earth.

            Earth is the mother of all crystals. Let your crystals be provided with sustenance by blanketing them with earth for at least a day. Even the soil in your potted plant would work.

3.       The music of singing bowls.

            Sound vibration can break down accumulated energy within crystals. The sound produced by Tibetan Bells and singing bowls is also beneficial in cleaning the surrounding environment too. It is a faster method compared to the previous two. Simply place the crystal in the bowl and make it sing. The Mala Tree provides this service for free.

An actual crystal cleansing and programming session at The Mala Tree Crystal Shop/

4.       A bed of brown rice.

            Place your crystal on a bowl of dry and uncooked brown rice. You can leave it there for four hours or overnight. DO NOT eat the rice you’ve used. Otherwise, you’ll end up taking in all the unwanted energy that is removed from the crystal.

5.       Within an amethyst crystal cave.

            Being a crystal attuned to intentions of clarity, amethysts can also be used for crystal cleansing. Lay your crystal within an Amethyst cluster, geode, or crystal cave and leave it for 1-2 days. This crystal is good for removing negativities that accumulated in the crystal. We have Amethyst clusters, caves, and geodes at The Mala Tree.

6.       Black obsidian mist.

            The black obsidian concentrate is also another fast way of cleansing your crystal. One can make this mist concentrate by submerging the obsidian stone in water. Place it where the sun can reach it and leave it there for four hours. You can use this anytime your crystal needs cleansing. It works too as a cleanser to keep bad vibes away in a room. These mist sprays are also available in your friendly crystal shop.

7.       The scent of incense.

            Treat your crystals with aromatherapy by bathing them with the smoke of burning incense. White sage, palo santo, or frankincense can be used to cleanse your healing gemstones and crystals and bring them back to their optimal capacity. This is the best option for cleansing larger and harder-to-handle crystals.

8.       The power of cleansing crystals.

            Selenite and quartz crystals are well-known for their ability to cleanse, purify and charge other crystals. The energy that emanates from them is always clear and they never need recharging. Quartz and selenite crystal holders or stands are available in crystal shops. It is a convenient and functional way of storing your crystal when not in use. It is also a beautiful display rack! You can place your healing gemstones and crystals on top of them before you go to bed. They’ll be ready by the time you wake up.

No matter how you choose to cleanse your crystals, it is a beautiful way of showing your commitment and reverence to the power of these stones. Not only do they help us in our healing journey, but they also need to be regularly cleansed and cared for so that they can continue serving us well. We hope you will try some or all of the methods we’ve shared here and enjoy watching your crystals come back to life, glowing with their natural energy.

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