Five Ways to Make Your Healing Gemstones and Crystals Work

No healing gemstone and crystals can magically turn your life around in an instant. Indeed, they are your companion on the path of happiness and betterment. However, they just don’t work by themselves. You have to work with them — this requires your time and commitment. With your energy entering the process, potentialities abound.

Make the most out of your healing gemstones and crystals. Its positive vibrations will emanate as long as you observe consistency and your energy is focused on your intentions. Listed in this article are five practical steps that will reflect this.

Consistency is key

Wear your crystal for a set number of days. It can be for 10 or 21 days but 40 days is the most recommended period. Bathing and sleeping are the two exemptions to this rule. Never skip not even for a single day. Otherwise, you have to restart the counting of days.

This period strengthens the energy bond between you and your crystal. Consistency is the key. Observing the duration instills in the crystal your intent. It also instills in you positive affirmations, powering your determination and opening yourself to the positivity that the Universe may bring.

Imbue the Crystal with Intention

Setting an intention to your crystals is like assigning a job. As with everything else, things get done when the direction getting there is clear. The same goes for crystals. The purpose you give is the one that it will send to the universe. This gesture reflects on you as it reinforces your determination to achieve your intent. In a sense, your relationship with the crystal is a partnership with a clear goal.

Cleanse Your Crystals Regularly

Your healing gemstones and crystals will pick up energy throughout your day. All the energy that accumulates will eventually dim its vibration making it less effective. It will work well if it’s in a clean state. Cleansing your jewelry can be done in several easy ways. Immersing it in sage or palo santo smoke, exposing it to the sun or moon for four hours, burying it in the soil for 24 hours, or placing it overnight beside quartz or selenite to recharge are some of the ways.

Be Mindful of Your Journey with the Crystal

This means that you should keep track of your journey. Document the life events while healing gemstones and crystals are with you. Use it as a reference for reflecting upon your progress. This includes not only the good times but also the down moments as well. Acknowledge life’s ups and downs. See the negative things as an opportunity opened for you to be better. You can write it down. Or maybe you can do audio or video logs. Use the medium that you are most comfortable with.

Believe in Yourself and the Stone will Do Its Magic

Believe in yourself.  You are the one who has the power to make positive changes in your life. You are the one who desires your intention to be heard by the universe. The crystal you have is your friend. It will accompany you through your journey. However, on its own, it doesn’t create magic. You have to be committed and determined for the magic to happen.  Do this and your crystal friend will take care of the rest.

The five practical steps we’ve outlined in this article will help you make the most of your healing gemstones and crystals. By being consistent in wearing, cleansing, and imbuing them with intention, you can create a powerful energetic bond that will open up positive potentialities for your life. Remember to be mindful of your journey with these stones, document your progress, and believe in yourself-the magic will follow.

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