January 2024 Monthly Feng Shui Forecast for the 12 Animal Signs

In January 2024, Feng Shui indicates a harmonious blend of completion luck and heavenly support, creating an auspicious environment for initiating new projects and ambitions. The chart for this month is particularly favorable, ushering in completion luck and heavenly support throughout the household.

Here are some information that will be helpful to fully harness the positive energies of the month:

  • A Good Time to Initiate New Projects: This is an excellent time to launch new projects and ambitions. The completion luck and heavenly support surrounding you can help pave the way for success. Be proactive in setting your plans into motion.
  • Favorable Networking: Engage in networking efforts as they are likely fruitful. The energies of the month support positive connections and collaborations. Strengthen your professional and personal networks to enhance opportunities.
  • Optimize Learning: Take advantage of the supportive energies for academic success for students and those engaged in learning pursuits. Learning is likely to be easier, so focus on acquiring new skills and knowledge during this time.
  • Enhance the Center of Your Home: The center of your home is filled with divine support and abundance. Consider placing symbols or objects that represent prosperity and completion in this area to amplify the positive energies.
  • Attract Opportunities and Windfalls: Leverage the auspicious energies of January to attract new opportunities and unexpected windfalls. Be open to possibilities and stay receptive to positive changes in various aspects of your life.

In summary, January 2024 is a promising month with a favorable Feng Shui outlook. Seize the opportunity to embark on new ventures, strengthen connections, and enhance your learning experiences. By aligning yourself with the completion luck and heavenly support present in the environment, you can set the stage for a prosperous start to the year.

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While January 2024’s Feng Shui forecast bodes well for most, it’s important to note that certain animal signs might not initially experience the same levels of luck. However, there is no need for discouragement. Feng Shui offers a variety of cures and enhancers that can help balance energy and turn fortunes around. By incorporating specific Feng Shui elements into your life, you can neutralize negative influences and amplify positive vibrations. This means that with the right adjustments, you can harness even more luck than those initially favored. Remember, Feng Shui is not merely about destiny, but more importantly, it’s about empowering you to shape your own luck and fortune.

You can read our detailed monthly forecast for January 2024 below (but read our Annual Feng Shui Forecast and Must-Haves 2024 here first), which will provide further insights into the auspicious energies and opportunities of the month as per Feng Shui.  So, let’s embark on this journey to shape your luck and fortune together.


As you enter 2024, be gentle with yourself. Certain celestial signs suggest a period of sluggishness, making you more prone to fatigue and susceptible to illness. Stress could become an issue if you don’t alleviate the pressure, so take breaks and indulge in self-care regularly. Incorporate moments of relaxation into your routine, whether it’s a vacation, a spa session, or quality time with friends. You’ve earned it! Ensure your well-being by prioritizing ample sleep, nourishing food, and regular exercise to fortify your immune system. By taking good care of yourself, you can navigate the month with minimal disruptions.

For older individuals born in the Year of the Rat, pay attention to any changes in your health. Promptly address any concerning symptoms to catch potential issues early for better chances of resolution. Maintain balance and overall protection, especially during stressful times, by incorporating meditation into your routine and wearing an Apatite Classic Japa Mala Necklace. This stone not only enhances courage but also aids in averting unnecessary conflicts. Consider using the FIRE “Om Mani Padme Hum” Corrective Element Bracelet and the WOOD “Om Mani Padme Hum” Corrective Element Bracelet in 2024 to achieve balance in your mind, body, soul, and personal energy, ensuring a smooth journey into the first month of 2024. An Ojo De Dios of Protection hung near your home’s main entrance will block negative energies from entering your dwellings.

WORK & CAREER – Trust your friends and allies

Decreased energy levels can lead to a decline in productivity. Tasks that were once easily managed may become more challenging when you’re feeling fatigued and unmotivated. Seek assistance from your allies if the workload becomes overwhelming. When tired, the likelihood of making careless mistakes increases, so it’s crucial not to push yourself to the point of exhaustion. Take regular breaks and refrain from taking on additional tasks until you’ve addressed your existing workload. Don’t overly concern yourself with the opinions of your superiors; maintaining a steady pace is more important for sustained progress. To support sound decision-making and positive financial outcomes, consider keeping a Red Jasper Bracelet with you. Citrine encourages an optimistic mindset, aiding in making stable career choices and enhancing wealth. Given the lack of water energy in the year, incorporate the daily burning of Feng Shui Water Incense Sticks in the morning for balance and increased luck.

BUSINESS – Learn not to sweat the small stuff

If you’re finding it challenging to muster the energy to head to the office, it might be a signal that a restful vacation is in order. Resist the urge to push through the fatigue; attempting to do so may lead to burnout without much to show for your efforts. Grant yourself some time off. If work commitments have been overwhelming, this presents an opportune moment to reconnect with family and friends. Taking a break will leave you revitalized and better prepared to tackle your workload upon your return. Make The Mala Tree’s ABUNDANCE PLANNER 2024 your ally. Never miss an opportunity to launch products or services or sign contracts on lucky days. Make it your personal Feng Shui adviser the whole year through.

Display several pieces of Malachite Tumbled Stones or Malachite Cube. to enhance your vitality and your ability to lead, and to ensure the strategies you follow meet with success. A Lapis Lazuli Crystal Point/Generator/Wand will bring more opportunities and will foster good relationships between clients and team members.

In the interim, delegate as much as possible to your team, allowing you to focus entirely on recharging your energy. Postpone any new launches or major marketing events until the following month when your luck is more favorable. Enhance your stress management, mental clarity, and emotional balance by placing an Aventurine Money Tree on your work desk.

LOVE & RELATIONSHIPS – Make some time and effort

The Rat might not be the most outgoing at gatherings, but you still appreciate the company of others. If you’re single, this month could bring the possibility of finding comfort in the arms of someone special. However, if you’re married or in a relationship, be prepared for a few misunderstandings. It’s important not to let your low energy impact your relationship. While engaging in strenuous activities may be challenging, it’s worth making an effort to express your affection. A bouquet of flowers, a romantic dinner, or a simple movie night at home can go a long way in maintaining the warmth of your relationship. Placing a Selenite Flower of Life Plate in your bedroom or living room can enhance open communication and understanding with your partner.


Academic pursuits encounter a rough phase. Completing tasks takes more time than usual, leading to a potential accumulation of your workload. It’s crucial to steer clear of procrastination, especially when facing deadlines. Allocate sufficient time to accomplish your tasks—initiate early, maintain a consistent pace, and review your work upon completion. Stay focused on your responsibilities and resist succumbing to peer pressure. Once your work is completed, feel free to spend as much time with friends as you desire. For an enhancement in educational fortune, consider placing the Ojo de Dios of Wisdom near your study desk or nightstand.

Unleash your inner fire, Rat! Embrace the wisdom shared and fortify your path with potent Feng Shui enhancers. Victories await to crown your new year.


In a month marked by a rapid pace and a multitude of events, the well-organized Ox is unlikely to be unsettled. Your auspicious stars bestow upon you robust health, wealth, and success luck, suggesting that things are highly likely to unfold positively. With confidence, you can proceed with your plans for the upcoming Dragon year, as the effort invested this month significantly enhances their long-term outcomes. Your reputation sees improvement, creating opportunities for new connections. While it’s beneficial to get acquainted with people, exercise caution and avoid rushing into closeness. Always make sure you have the Malachite 108 Mala Necklace with Gold-plated Silver Piyao for protection and health.

The conflicting energies in your astrological alignment introduce conflict into your life. Despite favorable cash inflows, the amplification of loss energies poses a risk of outflows. Avoid compromising situations and always ensure you are on the side of luck by conducting your day-to-day affairs with The Mala Tree’s ABUNDANCE PLANNER 2024.

Utilize the METAL “Om Mani Padme Hum” Corrective Element Bracelet and the WOOD “Om Mani Padme Hum” Corrective Element Bracelet in 2024 for overcoming obstacles, harmonizing your chi, and attracting enduring success.

WORK & CAREER – Grab Every Opportunity

The Ox has the potential to make substantial progress this month by embracing change and adapting to the times. Enhance your skills by gaining more experience and be open to trying your hand at new endeavors. Even if you hold a senior position within the organization, it’s important not to shy away from learning and exploring fresh approaches. Humility is a valuable trait, particularly for those in new roles, and establishing positive connections with colleagues from the beginning can make the workplace more enjoyable. To attract the luck you deserve and create space for growth and opportunities, consider wearing a Black Obsidian Piyao Bracelet.

BUSINESS – Safeguard your enterprise

The month’s outcome greatly hinges on your effective management of your team. The workload is demanding, and attempting to handle everything individually won’t yield optimal results. To enhance productivity, concentrate on being the driving force and fully utilizing your resources. Take the initiative to motivate your team and provide clear directions, as cosmic influences bring plentiful opportunities your way. Clear your spaces with a Clear Quartz Crystal Point/Generator/Wand to make sure only positive vibrations will fill your business. Keep a close eye on your finances, as you may encounter some financial challenges, that lead to accumulating expenses. With increased visibility, be cautious of potential scams and avoid individuals who approach you unexpectedly.  Place several pieces of Black Tourmaline Orb/Sphere near your main entrance and on your work desk for protection. Filter those who have good intentions from those who may wish you ill by keeping things balanced. Wear the Howlite Double Terminated Pendant. To make sure you start the year right, include the Violence and Burglary Protection Bracelet and the People with Bad Intentions Protection Bracelet in your arsenal of protection.

LOVE & RELATIONSHIPS – Wedding bells may soon toll!

Your focus is set to shift towards your personal life as the realization of another passing year takes hold. If you’re single, you’ll find yourself contemplating more seriously what constitutes a compatible match for you. Families will grow closer, and gatherings hold particular significance, especially if your children have already left the nest. Additionally, this month presents an excellent opportunity for engagements or weddings. Sustain this positive energy by purifying your living spaces, using Feng Shui Water Incense Sticks each morning.

EDUCATION – Hard work pays off

The attention of others is drawn to the young Ox, presenting numerous chances to cultivate your talents. Opportunities such as performing on stage, representing the school in competitions, or participating in exciting projects may arise. These experiences provide invaluable exposure, so if they align with your interests, seize them! When it comes to exams, achieving straight A’s is within your capability with thorough preparation. Hard work is key, and luck will favor your efforts. To aid with your studies and mental clarity, a Mixed Gemstone Money Tree is a must.

With auspicious guidance and potent Feng Shui tools, pave the way for a triumphant year, Ox. A life of abundance and joy is your birthright – claim it!


This phase ushers in a month marked by swift-paced developments, where all your endeavors culminate in positive outcomes. It’s an opportune time to set your goals in motion, as your vision for the future is crystal clear, and you are well aware of the steps needed to reach your objectives. Given the peak of your luck this month, the fruition of your efforts occurs more rapidly than anticipated. However, it’s crucial to recognize that good fortune can be fleeting, and proactive measures are necessary to safeguard it. There exists a potential risk of financial loss through theft or betrayal, emphasizing the importance of remaining vigilant and reinforcing cosmic protection with appropriate crystals and charms. To address these concerns, consider wearing a Beryl and Aquamarine Lucky Arowana Bespangled 108 Mala, as Beryl especially aids in balancing energies and promoting a harmonious approach to challenges. Additionally, the WATER “Om Mani Padme Hum” Corrective Element Bracelet and the METAL “Om Mani Padme Hum” Corrective Element Bracelet serve as beneficial daily amulets to counteract the imbalance of energies. A Citrine Money Tree placed on the wealth corner of your home will assist you with financial luck.

WORK & CAREER – Be careful who you trust

Your standing sees improvement, ushering in numerous opportunities. However, exercise caution with proposals that seem overly optimistic or too good to be true. It’s wiser to stick with those who are known to be genuine, even if the rewards may not appear as enticing. Some may find themselves entangled in office politics, but it’s crucial not to let these situations unduly impact you. Let your work be your advocate, maintain confidence, and reserve your ideas until the perfect moment. By keeping your plans private, you make it more challenging for others to undermine them. Carry a Sodalite Double Terminated Pendant at all times to help you with communication, for added stamina, and focus. Keep negativity at bay by wearing the Betrayal and Backstabbing Protection Bracelet. For well-informed decisions and optimal timing, it is recommended to consistently consult The Mala Tree’s ABUNDANCE PLANNER 2024. Moreover, the stabilizing impact of the Black Obsidian Plate/Slabs grounding energy is indispensable, particularly during a phase when your energy levels are low, providing stability across various aspects of life. For added luck, wear a Blue Kyanite Bracelet.

BUSINESS – Take calculated risks

To ensure a fantastic year, kickstart your endeavors in this month, as everything you undertake is bestowed with excellent long-term potential. However, exercise caution when considering partnerships, especially until the arrival of the Chinese New Year when relationship luck is expected to improve. Until then, it’s advisable to take charge independently. Enhance the protection of your business and finances by situating an Ojo de Dios of Protection near the main entrance of your establishment. Invite people with good energy and foster good relationships with your team members by scattering several pieces of Howlite Tumbled Stones around your office.

LOVE – Don’t let your guard down

Finding joy in the company of others is wonderful, but it comes with the potential risk of betrayal. To safeguard yourself, avoid putting yourself in vulnerable situations such as becoming excessively intoxicated at gatherings or going out alone with individuals you meet online. It might be prudent to take a hiatus from the dating scene, as the potential risks may outweigh the benefits. For those Tigers already in relationships, heightened vigilance is essential to thwart any third parties attempting to interfere. Manifest love and invite the right person into your life by placing the very powerful Apatite Plate/Slab in your living room or dining room. Enhance the love and romance in your marriage by displaying an Ojo de Dios of Love in the Southwest, fortifying it against external influences. Restore balance to your relationships and dispel discord by burning Feng Shui Water Incense Sticks each night.

EDUCATION – Say no to peer pressure

You find fulfillment in engaging in various activities, but exercise caution against overcommitting, as it can lead to a rapid sense of overwhelm. If academic success is a priority, pay little heed to external opinions. Achieving success demands discipline. Despite potential distractions, strive to maintain focus and resist succumbing to peer pressure. This month is particularly favorable for your commitment, opening numerous doors for future opportunities. To fortify your well-being and bolster the positive energy surrounding you, consider placing several pieces of Botswana Agate Tumbled Stones inside your homes, vehicles, and bags.  

Let prosperity dance to the rhythm of your resolve, Tiger. Armed with knowledge and empowered by Feng Shui, conquer the new year and make your dreams materialize.


The focal point of this month revolves around relationships, marking the beginning of 2024 with the presence of your loved ones and close friends. Monetary pursuits and ambitious endeavors take a backseat as your priorities shift towards enhancing the quality of life. Your focus is on seeking happiness and contentment, with less emphasis on advancing in your pursuits. This shift is appreciated by your family, who benefit from the increased attention. Colleagues see you as an ally, and friends warmly welcome you, making it a delightful month where spreading joy and reciprocating kindness generates a wealth of goodwill.

This period is exceptionally favorable for students, with good news anticipated for those on the verge of progressing to the next level. Some may even find themselves advancing from their peers. Even if not a student, the month’s energies are conducive to acquiring new skills or delving into a new subject. Make the most of this fortunate period by carrying the Rainbow Fluorite Classic 108 Japa Mala Necklace, attracting the luck of mutually beneficial friendships and alliances. Enhance balance in your energies by combining it with the WATER “Om Mani Padme Hum” Corrective Element Bracelet and the EARTH “Om Mani Padme Hum” Corrective Element Bracelet

WORK & CAREER – Support from your team will come in handy

You establish a positive rapport with everyone at your workplace and thrive in a collaborative environment. Your mind is brimming with innovative ideas, and if you don’t have an outlet to express them, it may lead to growing frustration. Take the initiative to contribute more to the workplace and channel your creative energy into enhancing processes. This month provides an opportunity for your talents to be recognized, so don’t hesitate to share your ideas. To aid in focus and navigating challenging situations and interactions, consider wearing a Red Tiger’s Eye Bracelet. While your star shines brightly, be cautious not to attract envy from some colleagues, and for added protection, wear the People with Bad Intentions Protection Bracelet. Displaying a Red Jasper Plate/Slab in the East will amplify protection and support in making astute decisions.

BUSINESS – You will perform better in tandem. Teamwork pays off.

The focus of this month revolves around building relationships, but it’s crucial not to anticipate effortless results. This period rewards those who are bold and courageous. The more initiative you take in fostering strategic alliances, the higher the potential for success. Your innate ability to connect with business associates, customers, and suppliers is an asset. Facilitate the blossoming of your resources by promoting abundance with the Flower of Life Silver Pendant. Ensure that you make sound decisions and steer clear of conflicts by referring to The Mala Tree’s ABUNDANCE PLANNER 2024.

You surmount lingering challenges by aligning with more robust allies, and there are potential collaborators eager to explore bold new ventures with you. With abundant opportunities at hand, make a concerted effort to establish your presence this month. However, exercise caution against individuals with malicious intentions towards you; enhance your protection by hanging an Ojo de Dios of Protection by your main door.

LOVE & RELATIONSHIPS – Blissful period

Under the influence of the Romance Star, you radiate an irresistibly charming aura. Your appeal is so potent that even when you’re quietly minding your own business, potential admirers find themselves falling deeply in love with you. However, if you find yourself newly single, it might be wise to refrain from rushing into another commitment too hastily. With plenty of opportunities in the dating pool, take the time to meet new people.

For those in long-term relationships, the physical aspect gains significance during this period. If your romantic needs are not being fulfilled, it could be a signal that some adjustments are necessary. Utilize the harmonious energies present to explore ways to enhance your connection as a couple. Elevate the love in your life and make it more abundant by placing a Citrine Gem Tree on Rose Quartz in your living room.

EDUCATION – Scholastic luck

You gain advantages from a heightened ability to concentrate sharply, and your mind absorbs knowledge effortlessly. Your enthusiasm receives a significant boost, making it effortless for you to contribute effectively to any task at hand.

For upcoming exams in the next few months, it’s advisable to get a head start on your revisions. Activate study luck by burning Feng Shui Water Incense Sticks before each study session.

Step into the new year adorned with wisdom and Feng Shui’s blessings, Rabbit. Every victory is a jewel in your crown, waiting to be claimed.


Keep your expectations modest for the month ahead, as you might encounter some unfortunate events that bring negative energies, posing potential risks to your safety. There’s a possibility of facing losses that could affect various aspects of your life simply by being in the wrong place at the wrong time. It’s advisable to maintain a low profile during this period, avoiding unnecessary travel and bustling activities around town. Instead, use the month to lay out plans for the upcoming year.

Given that accidents can occur unexpectedly, it’s essential to be more mindful of your actions. Simple precautions, such as being cautious when descending stairs and promptly replacing faulty appliances, can help prevent mishaps. Even routine tasks involving sharp objects like knives and screwdrivers should be handled with care. Prioritize safety, and consider carrying the Bloodstone Jade Wulou Guru 108 Mala at all times as an added precaution.

When venturing around town or embarking on travels, safeguard yourself from potential misfortune energies by wearing the Mystic Knot Silver Pendant. Ensure protection for your homes and properties by installing the Red Jasper Plate/Slab in your living rooms. Additionally, on your main door, hang the potent Ojo de Dios of Passion and Life Force to assist during this transitional period. To maintain balance in the energies surrounding you, consider wearing the METAL “Om Mani Padme Hum” Corrective Element Bracelet and EARTH “Om Mani Padme Hum” Corrective Element Bracelet designed for your animal sign’s element requirements this year.

WORK & CAREER – Pause and breathe

Given your accustomed success, the impact of the negative influences this month may come as a surprise. Obstacles are emerging, and the assistance you usually receive may not be as readily available. To achieve the same results, you’ll need to exert more effort, so avoid volunteering for tasks beyond your scope. Be aware that there may be rivals attempting to tarnish your reputation. Maintain meticulous attention to your work, and don’t let the underhanded tactics of others irritate you—stay composed. To attract wealth luck and positive vibrations at work, place a Citrine Crystal Point on your desk. Additionally, ensure you have a Howlite Bracelet with you, as it can garner the support you need from those around you in the workplace. Keeping these two crystals with you at all times is essential.

BUSINESS – Play safe

In a demanding month where various challenges vie for your attention, resist the urge to tackle every issue on your own. Utilize the expertise of your team, and if you’re fortunate enough to have a mentor, seek their advice as it can prove invaluable. Maintaining a clear head is crucial, so refrain from overloading yourself with excessive work. Save new projects for a more opportune time when your luck is on the upswing, and delegate tasks whenever possible. Prioritize steering the ship away from perilous waters. Express gratitude if the obstacles are minor and easily surmountable.

To navigate the financial challenges of January, consider wearing the Money Loss Protection Bracelet.

LOVE & RELATIONSHIPS – Turbulent and challenging

Exercise caution in managing your anger, as it poses a risk to your close relationships. Strive to cultivate patience and avoid being overly self-absorbed. Remember that others also face challenges, and allowing your bad mood to dictate your behavior can foster resentment. When you sense your temper rising, take a deep breath and endeavor to calm down. To safeguard your relationships and invite love and harmony into your home, wear the Third-Party Protection Bracelet. Additionally, several pieces of Rose Quartz Tumbled Stones are in the living, dining, and bedroom areas.

For single Dragons, dedicating time and energy to matters of the heart may be challenging this month, as endeavors are unlikely to yield favorable results.

EDUCATION – Feeling low

The upcoming month is likely to deplete your energy, reduce your focus, and make it challenging to fulfill your responsibilities. To uphold a positive track record, it’s crucial to ensure sufficient rest on school nights and commence your homework early. Due to a tendency for errors, be diligent in double-checking everything. Consider limiting socializing with friends, particularly on days when you’re feeling moody. Embracing alone time can be beneficial, allowing you to accomplish more without concerns about your words and actions. For optimal outcomes, consistently refer to The Mala Tree’s ABUNDANCE PLANNER 2024.

Shake off the dust of the past, Dragon, and rise with the dawn of a triumphant year. Feng Shui’s wisdom and your unwavering spirit are the keys to unlocking a life of fulfillment.


Caution is advised as the risk of misfortune is elevated this month. It’s prudent not to set overly high expectations, as potential losses may extend to your physical and mental well-being, financial resources, income, and relationships. Maintaining a low-key approach is advisable. Traveling is not recommended, but if unavoidable, reinforce spiritual protection by wearing the Tibetan-Style Spessartine Garnet Mala with Piyao Guru and Gold-Filled Markers. Given the potential for accidents, exercise increased care in your daily activities, especially avoiding multitasking when in a hurry, and handling blades and knives cautiously.

As an additional precaution, place a Black Obsidian Plate/Slab near your main entrance to ward off negative energies. Wearing more white and auspicious gold or silver jewelry, such as a Citrine Bracelet, can help subdue deadly vibrations. Each evening, cleanse your home with Feng Shui Water Incense and hang an Ojo de Dios of Protection near your main door for added protection.

WORK & CAREER – Try not to stand out too much

You’re currently managing a lot, and even though you may feel resilient, the stress can still take a toll. To alleviate the pressure, set more realistic expectations and refrain from taking on additional work until you’ve addressed some of your existing commitments. Don’t hesitate to seek help when needed. If you’ve been navigating your circumstances wisely, you likely have several allies to rely on. During this vulnerable period, some rivals might attempt to exploit the situation, so be thorough in checking details. Alternatively, consider staying out of the spotlight and allowing others their time on the stage. With their focus on their success, they are less likely to cause you harm or complicate your life. Always seek the support of the universe and wear the FIRE “Om Mani Padme Hum” Corrective Element Bracelet, WATER “Om Mani Padme Hum” Corrective Element Bracelet, or WOOD “Om Mani Padme Hum” Corrective Element Bracelet in 2024 to navigate challenges with fewer obstacles as they help balance your elements in 2024.

BUSINESS – Conserve resources

For those engaged in business, encountering delays and potential losses is a possibility if bad luck strikes. Ensure that the southeast and northwest sectors of your office are adequately addressed with a Black Tourmaline Orb/Sphere and maintain a calm environment. Wear the Sitting Ganesha Silver Pendant, especially during challenging moments, and invoke his name for support. Avoid making abrupt changes to your plans or initiating new ventures. Refrain from impulsive actions and always strategize, consulting your The Mala Tree’s ABUNDANCE PLANNER 2024 to align lucky and unlucky dates with major tasks. Allow yourself sufficient flexibility to address unexpected obstacles.

LOVE & RELATIONSHIPS – Be level-headed

For those who are single, put in extra effort, as romance may need to take a backseat due to more pressing priorities. The inclination for solitude is likely, and the company of others may not be a priority. If already in a relationship, it’s crucial to keep your partner informed about the developments in your life. Frustrations arising from obstacles can lead to tensions at home, triggering disagreements and conflicts. Practice patience, avoid appearing condescending, and give serious consideration to your partner’s suggestions, as valuable insights may emerge. To maintain a grounded and level-headed approach, ensure you have a Hematite Bracelet. Enhance love luck by placing a Garnet Crystal Point on your nightstand.

EDUCATION – Act on important matters immediately

The month can deplete your energy, making attending school feel burdensome. Maintaining focus in class and initiating schoolwork might become more challenging. To avoid falling behind, prioritize getting sufficient sleep and starting tasks early. Resist succumbing to peer pressure, and be mindful of the increased risk of injuries that could potentially sideline you. Exercise extra caution, especially in sports, if you have crucial exams or events that you cannot afford to miss.

Chart your course with the stars as your guide and Feng Shui as your compass, Snake. Let the new year be a canvas for your victories, painted with vibrant hues of success.


Experience a boost in career fortune, so seize the opportunity! It’s a remarkable way to conclude the year as you host the auspicious Victory Star, elevating your prosperity luck and providing a competitive edge against challengers. There’s no need to fear, as you have the potential to emerge victorious. While others are just starting to gain momentum, you’re already geared up and ready to go! It’s an ideal time to initiate new plans for the upcoming year, and significant shifts in the trajectory of your life may unfold. For recent university graduates entering the working world, it’s a momentous transition. Others may witness changes such as job switches, relocations, or modifications to the nature of their businesses. Embrace the unknown, as this month favors new beginnings! Start on a positive note by wearing the auspicious Kyanite with Gold Guru 108 Mala.

If you aim to enhance your luck at the jackpot, increase your chances of success by consistently wearing the Apatite Bracelet on your left wrist. Additionally, hang the Ojo de Dios of Money Attraction near your desk to navigate through challenging situations more smoothly. Utilize The Mala Tree’s ABUNDANCE PLANNER 2024 to discern the opportune moments for placing bets and to determine when it’s best to avoid significant tasks.

You possess the ability to notice crucial details that elude others, enabling you to make intelligent decisions. Certain individuals may receive opportunities that entail significant transformations, such as a departmental change, a shift in job responsibilities, or even relocation to another state or country. While contemplating these possibilities, carefully consider the options, but don’t shy away from change, as the energies are favorable. It’s unnecessary to restrict your choices solely to internal opportunities; if you harbor ambitions, the possibilities are vast. Close advantageous deals and solidify them by wearing a Lapis Lazuli Bracelet.

BUSINESS – Always aim high

Benefiting from the influence of the Victory Star, this month presents an opportunity to secure contracts, negotiate new deals, expand your ventures, diversify your pursuits, and chart your course in any desired direction. Intriguing proposals will come your way, and with a strong position to maximize good fortune, it’s advisable to give them thorough consideration. Make the most of these auspicious energies! Additionally, this is an opportune moment to experiment with new approaches and have the courage to implement changes. Numerous promising ideas may present themselves. To fortify this wonderful luck, place a Red Jasper Crystal Point on your work desk. For an immediate activation of this positive energy, hang an Ojo de Dios of Money Attraction near your workspace. Trust your instincts, pursue promising opportunities, even if they seem unconventional, and don’t shy away from a calculated risk—there’s no better time to take a leap of faith than when your luck is at its peak.

LOVE – Make time

During this month, your relationships may temporarily take a backseat. For those who are dating, it’s crucial to put in extra effort to maintain the romance or openly communicate about being busy to prevent misunderstandings. Some individuals may discover clear incompatibilities or receive signals that their relationship has reached its natural conclusion. In such cases, summon the courage to embrace a fresh start. Married individuals are advised to safeguard their marriage by placing several pieces of Aquamarine Tumbled Stones in the southwest. For those who are single, wearing the Om and Lotus Silver Pendant can aid in manifesting the desired relationship. Ensure a harmonious living space by burning Feng Shui Water Incense Sticks every morning before starting your day.

HOME & FAMILY – Make yourself available

The demands of your job often require your attention, and without setting clear boundaries, there’s a risk of neglecting your loved ones at home. If work-related travel is unavoidable, make an effort to stay connected through video calls as frequently as possible. Upon returning home, allocate some dedicated time to give your loved ones undivided attention, as it can make a significant difference. While there is minimal threat to your safety, this year, it is recommended to acquire the Sudden Death Protection Bracelet and complement it with the Karmic Debt Protection Bracelet.

EDUCATION – Exert more effort and hard work

You are well-liked by both teachers and classmates, and you’re relishing your time at school. With your energy levels at their peak, consider increasing your involvement in various activities. For those facing upcoming exams, exceptional results can be achieved with dedicated effort and hard work. Consistently seek the assistance of the universe and utilize the EARTH “Om Mani Padme Hum” Corrective Element Bracelet and the WOOD “Om Mani Padme Hum” Corrective Element Braceletto face challenges with reduced hindrances.

With every challenge overcome, a new scale is added to your majestic being, Horse. Embrace the guidance, wield the Feng Shui cures, and soar to dazzling heights in the new year.


Disagreements and conflicts pose a threat to your relationships as the Quarrelsome Star introduces disruptive energies. Even if you manage to control your temper, others may succumb to the provoking influences, leading to heated exchanges. Friends might act out of character or take offense at your words or actions, and some individuals may even find themselves involved in legal disputes. Therefore, it is crucial to keep these challenges in check. Minimize loud activities in your home’s southwest sector and refrain from escalating confrontations. Maintain a composed demeanor and mitigate aggressive energies by meditating with and wearing a Moonstone Classic 108 Japa Mala Necklace. Although your month may present challenges, you can address them by wearing the FIRE “Om Mani Padme Hum” Corrective Element Bracelet and the WATER “Om Mani Padme Hum” Corrective Element Bracelet crafted for your sign’s imbalance this 2024.

When you sense your temper escalating, take a moment to pause and inhale deeply. If necessary, step away from the situation. It is crucial to address issues later, once you’ve regained your composure, to avoid uttering words that may be difficult to retract. Consider placing a Selenite Plate/Slab within your home and office to dispel the prevailing aggressive energies throughout the month. Additionally, a Bloodstone Crystal Point can aid you in navigating this particularly challenging period. It’s essential to promptly incorporate these two crystals into your surroundings.

WORK & CAREER – Be headstrong

The upcoming month may bring about an emotional roller coaster, especially if you are in the public eye. While success continues to be part of your journey, there are individuals eagerly anticipating any misstep on your part. They might target your vulnerabilities, attempting to undermine your self-esteem. It’s crucial not to let negative comments affect you deeply. Developing a thicker skin is essential for maintaining your position at the top. Additionally, there’s a potential threat of legal issues or challenges with authorities. Enhance these protective measures by ensuring you have the Bad Reputation and Gossip Protection Bracelet.

BUSINESS – Tensions may rise

Although financial matters might be in good shape, challenges stem from frequent misunderstandings and disagreements. Dealing with discontented employees or unhappy customers may be on the horizon. Wearing a Citrine Bracelet can assist in navigating challenging situations and safeguarding your financial stability. The Mala Tree’s ABUNDANCE PLANNER 2024 functions as a valuable companion throughout the year, guiding making wise decisions on auspicious days and steering clear of significant activities on unfortunate days. Additionally, incorporating a Clear Quartz Orb/Sphere into your environment will aid in neutralizing any hostile energies surrounding you.

For minor issues, it might be more convenient to compromise to preserve positive relations. It’s advisable to postpone meetings and negotiations, as achieving objectives without escalating tensions could prove challenging. This period is also unfavorable for collaborations and forming new partnerships. Making a favorable impression may feel like a challenging task, so it’s prudent to defer such endeavors until the following month when your luck is more favorable. In the meantime, start each workday by cleansing your surroundings with the burning of Feng Shui Water Incense Sticks.

LOVE & RELATIONSHIPS – Irritable moments can cause tension

Domestic matters are facing challenges, and it’s advisable to avoid prolonged arguments with your partner, as it could lead to mutual losses. This is not an opportune time for deep and serious discussions, so it’s better to keep communication minimal for now. Single individuals born in the Year of the Sheep may not experience significant romantic luck this month. If you are in the process of pursuing a romantic interest, it’s crucial not to rush things, as hastiness could jeopardize the potential for a meaningful relationship. Safeguard your romantic endeavors by wearing the Third-Party Protection Bracelet. Enhance your love luck by placing a Citrine Gem Tree on Rose Quartz near your bed.

EDUCATION – Sidetracked, maintain your focus.

The younger Sheep will find this month particularly hectic, with constant activity pushing stress levels to the limit. Socially, there may be some conflicts arising from misunderstandings among friends. In light of this, it’s advisable to limit your social engagements. Given the confrontational energies of the month, it would be beneficial to refrain from holding onto rigid opinions. Adopting a more open-minded approach will better equip you to handle the hostilities brought by the prevailing monthly influences. Carry the Divine Om Silver Pendant with you consistently to experience its transformative influence when dealing with difficult situations and confrontations.

Fortune smiles upon the prepared, Sheep. With knowledge as your shield and Feng Shui as your sword, vanquish obstacles and claim the victories that await in the new year.


Contentious energies put a strain on relationships this month, as aggressive influences infiltrate your sector, reversing the tide of relationship luck. Various situations may provoke your temper, or that of others directed towards you, and regrettably, you might find yourself getting drawn into these conflicts despite your better judgment. It’s crucial not to let anger take control, as escalated disputes could result in unpleasant repercussions and potentially damage important connections. Although the month may pose challenges, it’s essential to keep in mind that conditions are likely to improve next month. During this period, refrain from getting involved in arguments and confrontations. Allowing others to claim victory in some battles now increases your chances of maintaining positive momentum and emerging victorious in the end. To counterbalance this aggressive energy, engage in meditation and wear the All-Black Obsidian Classic 108 Japa Mala Necklace.

Wear the METAL “Om Mani Padme Hum” Corrective Element Bracelet and the EARTH “Om Mani Padme Hum” Corrective Element Bracelet consistently to pacify the confrontational energies. Enhance the southwest by showcasing a Citrine Money Tree, accompanied by the burning of Feng Shui Water Incense to diminish its Wood energy. Additionally, position a Black Tourmaline Orb/Sphere in your living area or on your work desk to foster positive relations with those in your vicinity.

WORK & CAREER – Control your temper

You achieve outstanding outcomes in your professional endeavors, yet success attracts jealousy, possibly leading to unnecessary complications this month. It’s crucial not to allow negative individuals to divert you from your objectives. Maintain a professional demeanor, refraining from expressing anger even when justified. Cultivate understanding to minimize stress. Attract blessings and luck with the Tibetan 9-Eye DZI Silver Pendant, removing obstacles and deflecting negative energy. For grounding and protection at work, suspend an Onyx Pendulum in your desk drawer.

BUSINESS – Diplomacy

In the realm of business, Monkeys are advised to maintain a low profile to avoid attracting troublemakers. It’s prudent to refrain from active networking, as well as entering into new deals and partnerships. Decision-making should be grounded in factual information rather than relying solely on intuition. Caution is necessary when dealing with potential issues involving partners, employees, suppliers, or dissatisfied customers, as aggressive reactions may lead to legal complications. Prioritize maintaining goodwill in minor matters and consider postponing significant plans until next month when favorable luck is anticipated. The Mala Tree’s ABUNDANCE PLANNER 2024 serves as a helpful guide throughout the year, aiding in making informed decisions on lucky days and avoiding major activities on unlucky days.


This month brings turbulence, not only in general but also in matters of the heart. Married couples may experience irritation over trivial issues, and it’s essential to avoid excessive nagging to maintain harmony. For single individuals seeking serious relationships, prospects may be limited, given the heightened irritability and impatience. Socializing could be less enjoyable during this period, making it beneficial to engage in calming activities such as painting, playing music, or meditation. Reconciliation efforts in the aftermath of conflicts are best postponed for a more suitable time. To mend relationships and protect one’s emotional well-being, consider hanging an Ojo de Dios of Love on your bedroom door or window.

EDUCATION – Prioritize

While maintaining your academic excellence, you might encounter challenges in a friendship that could lead to emotional distress. It’s important to recognize that these negative feelings are temporary and likely to dissipate in the following month, so avoid dwelling on them. Practicing forgiveness and letting go will contribute to a happier state of mind. It’s advisable to be cautious about expressing your opinions, as they may not be well-received. Placing a Lapis Lazuli Crystal Point/Generator/Wand on your study desk can assist you in your studies; ensure it accompanies you each night.

Let abundance flow like a mighty river into your life, Monkey. Feng Shui’s wisdom and your unwavering spirit are the tributaries that will nourish your success in the new year.


Favorable celestial influences mark the beginning of 2024, bringing forth positive developments. The Prosperity Star introduces auspicious energies, promising good health, wealth, and abundance. Some may experience unexpected financial gains, such as a bonus, inheritance, or surprise gift. To enhance and preserve this good fortune, incorporate the Zen-style Amazonite with Aventurine Buddha of Happiness Guru Mala into your daily wear. Your social circle is supportive, and your charisma attracts others. Embrace assistance graciously, and forge new connections or strengthen existing ones. With such advantageous conditions, share kindness and help others, as these actions will yield positive returns. Maintain balance in your energies during this propitious period by wearing the EARTH “Om Mani Padme Hum” Corrective Element Bracelet and the WATER “Om Mani Padme Hum” Corrective Element Bracelet. Commence the year with a fresh start and protection against potential challenges by wearing the Karmic Debt Protection Bracelet, ensuring continued good fortune.

Place the Mixed Gemstones Money Tree in the Western sector to invite substantial financial fortune. Enhance your connection with wealth and prosperity by adorning the Unakite Bracelet. Simultaneously, ensure grounding and asset protection by combining your amulet with a Smoky Quartz Bracelet.

WORK & CAREER – Fulfilling period

It’s a fulfilling month with signs pointing towards a potential promotion or salary increase. Your projects advance seamlessly, and uncertainties begin to clarify. You easily connect with others, persuading them to support your ideas, possibly leading to a more significant role in your team or department. If you’re already in a managerial position, your subordinates look up to you with admiration. Take advantage of this positive influence to make a positive impact on your team and consider offering encouragement or recommending deserving individuals to higher-ups. To safeguard your newfound wealth luck, ensure you wear the Money Loss Protection Bracelet consistently and complement it with an Onyx Double Terminated Pendant for extra protection.

BUSINESS – Your portfolio increases!

Business prospects are exceptionally favorable, presenting an opportune time for investment and expansion. Initiatives launched during this period carry significant promise for future success. Trust in your chosen endeavors and don’t hesitate to pursue your numerous ideas. Take swift action and implement your plans, as delaying may not be as advantageous. Next month demands a more cautious approach. Sustain your concentration and safeguard your business by placing a Gold Tiger’s Eye Crystal Point in your office. Ensure decisions align with your auspicious dates, consulting your The Mala Tree’s ABUNDANCE PLANNER 2024 regularly to avoid any missteps.

LOVE – A blissful month ahead!

Your magnetic presence captivates everyone around you, creating a positive aura. Enjoy the moment! If you have a particular interest in someone, don’t hesitate to take the initiative. While there’s no need to be overly forward, expressing your feelings and intentions openly can enhance the prospects of a lasting connection. Prepare to welcome love into your life by incorporating an Ojo de Dios of Love, and enhance your dating luck by positioning an Amazonite Plate/Slab for excellent fortune.

Even if the reaction falls short of your expectations, it’s valuable information, allowing you to persist in your quest for someone who truly values and appreciates you.

HOME & FAMILY – Romance is in the air

Family members, even those typically not on the best terms, find greater enjoyment in each other’s company. This presents a perfect moment to plan holidays and family activities, fostering a sense of togetherness. With numerous reasons to celebrate this month, sharing your good fortune with your loved ones becomes even more meaningful. Ensure you have a Ruby Bracelet, not only for enhanced love and romance luck but also as a powerful wealth booster.

EDUCATION – A great time to learn

Adolescent Roosters experience a revitalized sense of enthusiasm, paving the way for remarkable achievements. Given your natural aptitude for learning, it’s advisable to invest additional effort now, as the rewards will be substantial in the future. For those facing exams, it’s recommended to carry the Hanuman Silver Pendant to enhance focus and academic success.

As the new year unfolds, may your path be illuminated by the wisdom you’ve gleaned and the power of Feng Shui. Rooster, your victories are not mere wishes, but destined realities.


There is an elevated risk of deceit and financial loss, and it is strongly recommended that you exercise extra caution in your dealings this January. The concluding days of the Rabbit year do not bode well for the Dog, as you are currently under the influence of malevolent inauspicious energies. This makes you more susceptible to monetary losses, potential deception, and betrayal. It’s advisable not to overly rely on others for assistance and to adopt a conservative approach to your expenditures. While these challenges may be perceived as various forms of misfortune, you can mitigate their impact by adjusting your mindset. Sometimes, losing money is inevitable, but you can direct it towards a worthy cause rather than falling victim to theft or deceit. Contributing to charity, whether through financial means or donations, can help minimize the adverse effects of this unlucky star, which, despite its fierceness, is controllable. Additionally, engage in meditation and chanting with an Aventurine Bodhi Bespangled 108 Mala regularly. To ward off unwanted guests and intruders, place the Citrine and Amethyst Gem Tree on Quartz in the northwest. Wear a Black Obsidian Piyao Bracelet consistently. In the northwest, position several Black Tourmaline Tumbled Stones to prevent unnecessary financial outflows. Placing a Citrine Orb/Sphere in your living room can help counterbalance the negative energies of the tense month, attracting additional wealth luck, and positive vibrations.

WORK & CAREER – A tense environment

Competition intensifies, and the work environment becomes more competitive, potentially taking a toll on your well-being. It seems that all eyes are focused on you, and any mistakes are quickly seized upon by those eager to demonstrate their capabilities. The constant need to prove yourself can lead to stress, so it’s crucial not to get entangled in this game. You are well aware of your capabilities and what you can achieve within a given timeframe. Resist succumbing to the pressure of unrealistic deadlines. Ultimately, the one accountable for any mishaps is you. This month, it’s advisable to rely on your abilities, so adopt a strategic approach and remain vigilant. To maintain your peak performance, position a Sodalite Crystal Point on your work desk and carry a Lapis Lazuli Pendulum, especially when critical decisions need to be made. Embrace opportunities that can be advantageous for you, and always keep an Aventurine Plate/Slab on your desk or drawer.

BUSINESS – Always calculate your moves

This month, adopting a more hands-off approach might prove more effective. Avoid unnecessary interference with established systems. If everything is functioning smoothly, it’s best not to disrupt it. Attempting to fix what isn’t broken could result in more effort than the potential benefits. Keep a vigilant eye on financial figures, as the awareness of scrutiny may deter any inappropriate actions. It’s not the time for financial ventures that carry risks, as there’s susceptibility to losses, and any missteps could have adverse effects on your business. During this period, prioritize a cautious stance. Ensure that your business decisions align with auspicious dates by regularly consulting The Mala Tree’s ABUNDANCE PLANNER 2024 to evade potential miscalculations.

LOVE – Connect emotionally

You may not be in a romantic mindset, potentially leaving your partner feeling neglected amidst challenging energies. Rather than allowing these harsh influences to create distance, consider sharing your burdens with your partner to make the challenges more bearable. If you have the support of an understanding partner, embrace their presence instead of pushing them away by closing yourself off. To infuse stability and loyalty into your life, wear the Dog / Dachshund with Moving Head Silver Pendant, representing your animal sign’s most cherished image.

HEALTH & SAFETY – Accidents and health challenges

our health, safety, and overall well-being face significant risk, and it’s crucial to incorporate the Sudden Death Protection Bracelet into your collection of protective amulets and crystals. Exercise caution to prevent accidents involving metal objects, as there is a potential for bloodshed. Safely store knives and sharp objects when not in use, and promptly replace faulty electrical appliances. Avoid attempting home repairs yourself, and seek professional assistance when needed. Enhance your well-being by hanging an Ojo de Dios of Health outside your bedroom door.

EDUCATION – Independent Spirit

Young individuals born in the Year of the Dog might feel inclined to deviate from conventional norms and assert their independence in decision-making. Caution is advised, as acting contrary to recommendations solely for the sake of rebellion can result in regrettable outcomes. It is advisable to seek guidance from a trusted individual, as they can offer a different perspective and provide better alternatives without jeopardizing prospects.

Transform adversity into stepping stones, Dog. With the compass of guidance and the fuel of Feng Shui, ascend to new heights of achievement in the new year.


The commencement of 2024 signals potential hazards before the onset of the Dragon year. Our sign is influenced by aggressive and violent energies this month, introducing various challenges such as theft and diverse forms of loss. Caution is advised, especially in stock market speculation, where sudden and substantial losses may occur. Adopt a conservative and risk-averse approach. Exercise vigilance against deception, even from alleged ‘friends.’ It’s a period where self-reliance is crucial, and assuming full responsibility for one’s actions is paramount. Be wary of potential letdowns from close friends or family members, driven by naivety or ignorance. Consider redirecting focus towards a family-oriented vacation rather than engaging in significant business deals that could unravel swiftly amid the prevailing energies. Invoke universal mercy and protection through meditation with the Mala of the Sacred Seeds. Bring balance into your life and enhance resilience against misfortune by wearing the FIRE “Om Mani Padme Hum” Corrective Element Bracelet and the METAL “Om Mani Padme Hum” Corrective Element Bracelet. A Pietersite Bracelet can infuse positive vibes and assist in navigating financial challenges.

Guard against betrayals by placing a Gold Tiger’s Eye Plate/Slab in your home, harnessing the stone’s gentle yet potent protective effects. For travel, ensure you have the Travel and Accident Protection Bracelet, and carry a Lapis Lazuli Tumbled Stone for protection wherever you go.

WORK & CAREER – Lie low.

While you maintain good relationships with most, some individuals may harbor jealousy towards your position and possessions. It is advisable to exercise caution in sharing personal matters with colleagues, even if they don’t pertain to work directly. Potential underhanded actions may arise, and those possessing extensive information about you could exploit it negatively. Maintaining an air of mystery is prudent; there’s no necessity for others to be privy to all your sentiments. If certain issues bother you, it’s advisable to keep them to yourself for the time being. During meetings, adopt a listening stance and refrain from overly eager contributions. Flying under the radar will prove most beneficial presently. Shield yourself and remain grounded with the protective qualities of the Smoky Quartz Crystal Point—place it on your work desk to ward off negativity. Ensure additional protection and safeguard your position and resources by donning a Black Obsidian Piyao Money Ball Bracelet.

BUSINESS – Be conservative.

In the current month, opting for a more restrained approach proves advantageous. Steer clear of initiating new ventures, particularly with unfamiliar counterparts, and preserve your resources. Prioritize planning over immediate action. Utilize The Mala Tree’s ABUNDANCE PLANNER 2024 to devise strategic plans and identify favorable dates. On less favorable days, refrain from engaging in significant activities. Potential workplace conflicts may emerge, demanding your attention. Address such issues promptly to prevent them from escalating, as a single negative influence can impact the entire environment. If contemplating a shift in direction, exercise caution and avoid impulsive decisions that might lead to future regrets. In case of uncertainty, it is advisable to defer commitments until the subsequent month when your luck is more favorable. Meanwhile, enhance opportunities by placing an Aventurine Money Tree within your office space.

LOVE – Third-party threats may cost you your relationship. Be vigilant.

This month, single individuals born in the Year of the Boar may not experience much romantic inclination, and it’s fortunate considering the unfavorable love energies prevailing. There is a heightened risk of infidelity and potential heartbreak. For those in committed relationships or marriages, it is recommended to keep a closer watch on their partners. If there’s a sense of growing distance in your relationship, directing more attention to it could be beneficial. As a precaution, wearing the Round Om Silver Pendant and placing a pair of Blessed Mandarin Ducks in your bedroom can help safeguard against potential pitfalls.

HOME & SAFETY – Secure your homes.

During this challenging phase, there is an increased risk of burglary, so ensure that your home security system is functioning effectively and that you have implemented anti-robbery measures. The adverse influences may also lead to various conflicts. To foster harmony within your home, consider placing the Ojo de Dos of Wish Fulfillment in the northwest. Additionally, for personal protection against harm, it is advisable to consistently wear the Auspicious Evil Eye Silver Pendant.

EDUCATION – External pressure may affect your studies

There is a potential danger of negative influence from questionable companions. Be cautious about your choice of associates, and resist succumbing to peer pressure or engaging in activities that make you uncomfortable. Parents of teenage Boars should be especially vigilant and pay extra attention to their children this month.

The year stretches before you like an unfurled scroll, Boar. Paint it with the bold strokes of your determination, guided by wisdom and empowered by Feng Shui. Make it a masterpiece of victories.

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