March 2024 Monthly Feng Shui Forecast for the 12 Animal Signs

Get ready to welcome the vibrant energies of March 2024 with The Mala Tree’s monthly Feng Shui forecast! Brace yourselves for an exciting journey into the heart of March 2024, as The Mala Tree brings you our much-awaited monthly Feng Shui forecast. This is not just a forecast, it’s your roadmap to unlocking the month’s hidden potential and navigating its dynamic currents with grace.

GENERAL OUTLOOK FOR MARCH 2024                                                                                 

In March, there is a surge in unfavorable energies, suggesting an increase in thefts and robberies. Duplicity is also a potential risk. With intensified competition for resources, the chances of betrayals and relationship fractures are elevated. It is strongly recommended for everyone to prioritize safety, taking measures to secure their belongings and properties consistently.

The elderly are urged to exercise caution in their dietary choices and be vigilant about their personal safety due to an increased risk of both minor and potentially life-threatening accidents. In case of any signs of illness, it is recommended that they promptly consult their doctors to address any health concerns promptly.

Certain zodiac signs will experience favorable conditions in both romance and wealth during this period, and it is recommended that individuals take advantage of this auspicious time to establish a solid foundation for their future security.


The forecast for Rat individuals in February 2024 indicates sustained high levels of luck, particularly in their careers. Recognition from a broader audience and the achievement of short-term goals are likely. However, they should maintain a low-key and modest demeanor to prevent triggering jealousy from others. For added protection and inner balance, it is recommended that you meditate and wear a Lapis Lazuli Classic 108 Japa Mala Necklace. Protect yourself during this challenging period in the workplace by placing a Bloodstone Crystal Point/Generator/Wand on your desk.

Caution is also urged regarding their words and behaviors to avoid unintentionally offending someone and causing unnecessary trouble. Despite being blessed with good luck in wealth, it is recommended that they remain clear-headed and refrain from being greedy and impulsive in investment decisions to avoid substantial losses. For guidance and clarity of thinking, you must wear your Destiny Bracelet and remember to pair it with a Malachite Bracelet for health protection.

On the romantic front, their love fortune is experiencing a downturn, emphasizing the need for increased patience towards their partner and dedicating more time to companionship. Address any relationship issues that could lead to STAGNATION by wearing the right crystals. Place several pieces of Carnelian Tumbled Stones on your nightstand to promote love and romance. Clear your spaces and drive away negative energies by ringing a Hand-Hammered Seven Metals Singing Bowl every morning and light Feng Shui Water Incense Sticks to further enhance your home’s chi.


In March, individuals born in the year of the Ox may face more challenges and hurdles than usual. It is recommended for them to persevere and exercise extra caution and patience to navigate through these difficulties. Wear and meditate using the Moonstone Classic 108 Japa Mala Necklace to invoke the assistance of the universe so you can navigate a challenging month with ease. Pair your mala with a Fluorite Bracelet to attract support from peers and increase the potency of your other crystals.

In the professional sphere, they should explore alternative strategies to move forward when encountering obstacles in their work. Wealth luck is described as average, suggesting that it would be prudent not to indulge in unnecessary expenses to ensure financial stability by month-end. Increase your prosperity luck by placing an Aventurine Money Tree and adorn yourself with a Tree of Life Silver Statement Pendant to invite abundant energies.

Marriage life is anticipated to be harmonious, characterized by a lack of significant ups and downs. For singles, it might not be an opportune month to express romantic feelings; it’s advisable to wait for a more auspicious time. Use this time to prepare yourself – physically and emotionally by wearing crystals that will help you get over STAGNATION so you can move from this situation immediately. Pair it with a Destiny Bracelet to help you find your soulmate.

Place a Howlite Plate/Slab inside your living rooms to promote physical and emotional stability. Prioritizing personal hygiene is emphasized to minimize physical discomforts during this month. Additionally, you may also hang an Ojo de Dios of Good Health to safeguard your well-being this month.


According to the 2024 Tiger luck prediction, the fortune for Tigers in the second lunar month is not particularly favorable. Despite putting in effort, they may find it challenging to achieve their goals, leading to feelings of disappointment. It is advised to remain calm and focus on continuous learning, as opportunities tend to favor those who are well-prepared. To help you stay calm, collected, and focused, meditate and wear the Rainbow Fluorite Classic 108 Japa Mala Necklace.

Additionally, it is recommended to avoid conflicts between team leaders to avoid becoming a scapegoat. Wear your Destiny Bracelet so you can be directed towards your true calling without any hiccups. A protection bracelet such as the Betrayal and Backstabbing Protection Bracelet will help you sail through a difficult month. Managing finances wisely by avoiding unnecessary expenses will ensure that their salary is sufficient to cover expenditures. Businessmen should place several pieces of Blue Calcite Raw Stones inside the offices to ensure finances are safe.

The forecast also suggests the possibility of arguments with their partner over trivial matters; however, the positive aspect is that reconciliation and returning to good terms may happen relatively quickly. Remember to wear crystals which can help you move from this situation immediately to avoid STAGNATION. Place a Citrine Money Tree inside your living room to keep good vibrations flowing and to dispel toxic energies. For good Feng Shui, wear a Button Om Silver Pendant each day to call on the assistance of the universe.


For individuals born under the Chinese zodiac Rabbit sign, the forecast for the second lunar month of 2024 indicates a more favorable period compared to February. All the rabbit has to do is to invite this luck through enhancers and crystals. Wear the All-High Quality Citrine Classic 108 Japa Mala Necklace and remember to chant a wealth mantra during meditation.

Overcoming initial challenges, Rabbits are expected to excel in the workplace and garner recognition from their leaders. There is a likelihood of receiving additional bonuses alongside regular salary. A Destiny Bracelet on your wrist will be a powerful ally especially if you wish to receive immediate luck. Pair it with the Octagram Sacred Geometry Silver Pendant to align your luck with heaven’s blessings.

In terms of relationships, those married can anticipate harmony with their spouse, contributing to a contented family life. A Red Jasper Plate/ Slab placed inside the living room will promote goodwill and harmony to those residing in the house.

To preserve their well-being, it is recommended that they maintain a balanced diet and adhere to regular meal schedules, as the prediction suggests a potential susceptibility to stomach disorders. A Peach Moonstone Bracelet is essential to help solve this. Remember to cleanse your homes with California White Sage every morning to eliminate bad energies and wear crystals that will dispel STAGNATION.


Coming to the second lunar month, the fortune for people born in the year of the Dragon turns a little better but is still at an average level as a whole. Keep a down-to-earth attitude and finish the work step by step. Contemplate during this time and try to assess your current situation. Wear and meditate using a Yellow Calcite Classic 108 Japa Mala Necklace.

For businessmen, it’s not a good time to expand the business; instead, they should ensure enough cash flow and focus on maintaining the current market share. A wealth-enhancing crystal such as a Citrine Wrist Mala will help with finance issues, pair it with a Destiny Bracelet to help you sail through a rough period.

Those married should lay more emphasis on their family and spend less time having fun with others; otherwise, their partner would feel ignored and the two would not be that close. Place a Sakura Agate Crystal Point / Generator / Wand to enhance love luck. An Amethyst Money Tree to promote harmony and foster cooperation among those who dwell in the house.

Their health luck is relatively good and they would not suffer from serious physical discomforts. Remember to wear a Protective Tribal Evil Eye Silver Pendant to keep the positive energies with you at all times.


Entering March, there is not a significant improvement in their fortune, and individuals are advised to maintain clarity of thought and decisiveness. During this time, you will need physical and emotional support, meditate, and wear a Mahogany Obsidian Classic 108 Japa Mala Necklace to aid you during this period. Increased workplace pressures may be encountered, requiring resilience and a brave approach to earn appreciation from superiors. A Multicolor Carnelian Bracelet is a wonderful career enhancer. You will benefit greatly from its energies so make sure you have it with you at all times.

Prudent wealth management is essential to avoid potential losses, and unexpected financial gains should be handled with a thoughtful plan, including saving for the future. A Destiny Bracelet on your wrist will be a powerful ally especially if you wish to receive immediate luck. For good Feng Shui, light several pieces of Fortune Builder Incense Sticks every morning.

Elders are urged to take extra care of themselves, paying attention to their steps when walking. For added protection, never leave the house without a Black Obsidian Tumbled Stone in your bag or pocket. Its protective energies will shield you from mishaps and accidents while out and about.

While singles may have the opportunity to meet attractive individuals, their shyness may hinder them from catching others’ attention. Place a Lapis Lazuli Crystal Point / Generator / Wand inside your dining room and living room for confidence and to boost good communication especially when meeting new faces. Married individuals should strive to understand their partner’s perspective for smoother and more harmonious relationships. Invoke love and peaceful energies with the Om and Lotus Silver Pendant to boost your love and romance luck.


Entering February, their fortune in career does not improve a lot. Especially those working in big companies or enterprises, they may feel pressured a lot and even want to quit. But it’s not the right time to shift the jobs. Be strong, stand your ground, and keep moving forward. Meditate and keep the Garnet Classic 108 Japa Mala Necklace with you at all times. A Destiny Bracelet will help you traverse a difficult period with ease, so make sure you have it as your ally.

The wealth fortune is not ideal, either, so it’s not advised to make big investments and they may postpone it to autumn if having that plan. Manifest wealth and good fortune by placing an Apatite Plate / Slab on your work desk or near the main entrance of your home. Break obstacles and overcome difficulties during this period, carry the Ganesh Square Silver Pendant, and ask for the assistance and blessings of Ganesha.

Those dating someone may quarrel with their lover over some trivial matters, which may lead to a cold war between them. Learn to be more patient. Wear an Aquamarine Wrist Mala to bring love and harmony into the relationship. Those married can enjoy a peaceful marriage life as a whole.

To keep healthy and safe, be careful when driving a car. Do leave the house without the Travel and Accident Protection Bracelet.


As February unfolds, individuals born in the Year of the Sheep will experience an upward shift in wealth fortune, reaching a particularly noteworthy level towards the end of the month. This period brings opportunities for significant profits and benefits in investments, resulting in a surplus of income by month-end. To aid you seal this luck, wear a Red Tiger’s Eye Classic 108 Japa Mala Necklace and align your luck with your stars with a Destiny Bracelet so you can achieve your goals without hiccups. Additionally, you can wear the Flower of Life Silver Pendant to bring more opportunities in the workplace.

According to Chinese zodiac luck predictions, there is a positive improvement in their fortune concerning both career and love during this month. Invite good energies of love and romance by placing a  Rose Quartz / Slab / Plate on your nightstand. However, in contrast, their health luck may not be as favorable as in the previous month.

Caution is advised, as there is a likelihood of minor injuries caused by sharp objects like kitchen knives or metal nails. While the injuries may not be severe, individuals should remain vigilant. To help you with health management, place an Amethyst Crystal Point / Generator / Wand on your nightstand or on your work desk. To boost health luck further, always carry a Bloodstone Cube with you, and for good measure, place one inside the bedroom too.


During March, individuals born in the Year of the Monkey are poised to experience favorable fortune in terms of wealth, with a notable increase in prosperity. Seal this luck and do not let it slip away. Meditate using an Apatite Classic 108 Japa Mala Necklace to manifest your aspirations. Align your luck and your stars so you can achieve your dreams sooner, make sure you have the  Destiny Bracelet.

This period bodes well for those venturing into self-employment, as they have the potential to achieve substantial profits and garner a positive reputation in the market, supported by auspicious luck. Move forward and crush the competition by breaking all obstacles that keep you from advancing, wear the Sitting Ganesha with Om Background Silver Pendant. Similarly, those involved in the catering industry, particularly restaurateurs, are likely to reap substantial benefits from their thriving business. Place a Citrine Orb/Sphere inside your office to boost wealth luck and to invite positive energies.

However, it is important for Monkey individuals to exercise caution as there might be a decline in their health fortune, and they should be mindful of minor health issues that could arise. Hang the Ojo de Dios of Good Health on your main door and inside your bedroom, it is advised that you install a Clear Quartz Orb/Sphere to promote healing.


As Rooster individuals transition into lunar March, their overall fortune remains largely consistent with that of February, with challenges persisting in their career and wealth prospects. It is advised that you wear crystals that help break patterns of STAGNATION and you meditate often so you can break this cycle of low luck. Boost luck and abundance by wearing a Moss Agate Classic 108 Japa Mala Necklace. Ensure your aspirations align with the cosmic forces by adorning yourself with the Destiny Bracelet.

Difficulties may arise as Roosters find it challenging to complete tasks that exceed their capabilities within the allotted time, potentially creating a negative impression on their superiors. Place a Pyrite Crystal Point/Generator/Quartz on your work desk to sharpen your mind and help you focus on your tasks. It is also a great money magnet.  Conflicts with colleagues might be frequent, underscoring the importance of acquiring effective communication skills to improve interpersonal relationships. Place several pieces of Strawberry Quartz Tumbled Stones on your desk, drawer, and bag to improve relationship luck with colleagues and to foster a better work environment. 

Financially, Rooster individuals could face substantial expenditures related to dinner parties, gifts, and entertainment. Consequently, they should exercise restraint and manage their desires to ensure financial stability. To help you control your cash outflow, you must have a Pietersite Bracelet at all times. It will also help dissolve blockages that hinder our growth. Do your best to counter STAGNATION so you can fully maximize your potential. Call on the assistance and divine aid of Ganesh, and wear the Ganesh Silver Pendant during this challenging period.


Entering March, the professional prospects of individuals born in the Year of the Dog appear relatively stable, reflecting an overall positive trajectory according to the 2024 Dog Luck prediction. They are fortunate to be placed within an excellent team at their workplace, allowing them to showcase their capabilities and earn the admiration of leaders and superiors. Additionally, a harmonious rapport with colleagues contributes to a friendly atmosphere in the office. Take this exceptional luck up a notch by wearing the Sodalite Classic 108 Japa Mala Necklace and remember to pair it with your Destiny Bracelet so you’ll be able to keep the momentum going. A Mystic Knot Silver Pendant hung on your neck will help you seal all the luck you will receive this month, make sure you have this in your arsenal of amulets and enhancers.

However, the health fortune of Dog individuals experiences a significant decline during this period. They may be susceptible to respiratory ailments, manifesting as symptoms like sneezing, nasal congestion, and sore throat. To help you address throat and respiratory issues, wear the Throat Chakra Hamsa Bracelet. A Red Jasper Slab/Plate will help you with stress management and will speed up your recovery. Place it in your dining room. To bolster their immunity and resistance, it is recommended that Dog individuals engage in moderate exercise. Cleanse your spaces regularly by ringing a Tibetan Singing Bowl with Mantra to drive away bad chi.


March is not a fortunate month for Pig people as their career and wealth fortunes fall notably. In this case, they may have some setbacks such as friction and disputes with colleagues. Even so, these unsmooth things would pass away soon, and the good luck would come by the end of the month. Surround yourself with the positive vibrations of an All-high-quality Citrine Classic 108 Japa Mala Necklace. Not only does it bring happiness and positivity, but it also attracts prosperity and abundance. Harmonize your fortune with the celestial alignment using the Destiny Bracelet, ensuring smooth progress towards your goals.

If individuals born in the Year of the Boar experience health issues, it is advisable for them to promptly seek medical treatment, as doing so can lead to a swift improvement in symptoms. Safeguard your health and well-being by hanging an Ojo de Dios of Good Health on your bedroom door or window and make sure you have a Selenite Generator on your nightstand. Do not overlook your well-being.

For divorced or lovelorn Pig people, it’s advised to let go of the unpleasant past; new love would come into their lives as they still believe in love. Address your past trauma by getting the right crystals so you can heal with ease. Additionally, you can place an Unakite Crystal Point/Generator/Wand on your nightstand to invite love and romance luck. Light several Frankincense Incense Sticks every night to cleanse your spaces and get rid of negative vibrations.

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