November 2022 Feng Shui Overview

Self-doubt, insecurities, the evil eye, and bitterness have no space in November. Family bonds, romantic relationships, and friendships will have stronger connections this month. Spending time with loved ones and with people who matter to us most will be beneficial. The month will also prove to be auspicious for most animal signs as financial rewards will be ripe and ready for picking. Those who belong to organizations and businesses will have better opportunities and promotions are possible. Women will enjoy the month as they will hold power and authority. Crystals associated with metal must be worn to invite wealth and health luck. 

The month of November is a good time to focus on your wealth luck. This is the perfect time to invest in your future and to reap the benefits of your hard work. It is an ideal time to start a new job or business venture. If you have been waiting to make a change in your career, this is the month to do it! You may also find that you come into some unexpected money this month!

The month of November is also a good month to focus on your health and well-being. Crystals associated with metal must be worn to invite wealth and health luck. Although November is a good month for most, it’s always helpful to use crystals and Feng Shui techniques to increase your luck even more. If you’re looking for wealth, health, or relationship luck this month, consider using crystals that are associated with metal. By wearing these crystals, you’ll be sure to enjoy all the benefits that November has in store for you!

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