Raising Vibrations in the Office

Sometimes, going to work can be such a drag. There could be a time where the atmosphere is tense and everybody is low on morale. This highly affects productivity. It doesn’t have to be. There are good practices you can do. There are also bad practices that everyone can avoid.

With your initiative vibrations can be raised in the office making work meaningful for everyone. The foundation of a great office ecosystem is taking care of the well-being of employees. Take care of everyone and they will go at great lengths for you. Of course, as always, healing gemstones and crystals can help you with this endeavor. Here are some tips to attract positive vibrations in the office.

  1. Provide healthy snacks. The sugar in most junk food available in office vending machines will make people crash even before the workday ends. The best alternative is to provide healthy, high-energy, and mood-improving foodstuffs. Examples of these are yogurt, nuts, fruits, and tea.
  2. Walk and breathe fresh air. Five or ten-minute walks are beneficial for everyone. This practice blows away the lull and opens up the mind and body to renewed energy and fresh ideas. Even a simple walk outside can release endorphins in the brain.
  3. Practice group meditations. A five-minute group meditation helps start a meeting or conference in a positive light. It also helps in relieving stress and gathering thoughts. It is recommended for the office to have a space dedicated to meditation. To further aid meditation, healing gemstone and crystal harmonizers placed within these rooms are highly recommended.
  4. Rest when tired. Encourage everyone to rest is they are feeling strained every once in a while. Stretch those aching backs and limbs every half an hour. Rest those weary eyes after an hour of staring from the screen. Take deep breaths to relax.
  5. Make the lounge area productive. People should sometimes just have to take it easy, relax for a while in the lounge area, and speak with colleagues. This space is not only conducive for fresh ideas, but it also reinforces collaboration and harmony in the office. Push this potential further with the help of healing gemstones and crystals. Amplify creative energies with a carnelian or tiger’s eye. Fire up inspiration with moonstone or chrysocolla.
  6. Start the day right. A group huddle at the start of the day’s shift does wonders. Not only will people be guided for the rest of the day, but it is also an opportunity to push people’s spirits high. The key here is interacting with a friendly and intimate manner to let them know that they are part of the team that aims for something bigger.
  7. Celebrate victories. Aside from office goals, people have other goals they set their eyes on outside work. It can be anything, that upon achieving, makes them fulfilled. Create a space in the workspace that shares their aspirations and triumphs both in and outside of the office. It may be a simple whiteboard perhaps. It could be anything that encourages expression, sharing, and motivation.
  8. Always say thank you. Show each and everyone how thankful you are for the job well done. Feeling appreciated means so much to a person. It can be done during a meeting where an achievement by a person, team or department is highlighted. You can treat people with a nice lunch. Even a simple gesture of saying thanks to a person face-to-face goes a long way.

The bottom line is, if you want to create a positive vibration in the office, start by implementing some (or all) of these tips. Not only will it make work more bearable for everyone, but it will also encourage productivity and creativity. As always, don’t forget to add in some healing gemstones and crystals to help amplify the good vibes!

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