#TodaysStack: Red Jasper, Lapis Lazuli, and Yellow Calcite

As the warm embrace of summer begins to fade, I find myself reflecting on the grand adventures and tranquil moments that have filled my days. Clasped around my wrist are bracelets that serve as a tangible reminder of the season’s beauty—the vibrant red jasper, the deep lapis lazuli, and the cheerful yellow calcite, each a representation of nature’s splendor.

The red jasper, with its earthy tones, is like the foundation of the earth beneath the ocean. It grounds me, offering a sense of stability and balance as I transition from the carefree summer days to the structured rhythms of the coming months. This stone is known for its nurturing energy, providing comfort and strength. It’s as if I carry with me the steadfastness of the sea cliffs, unwavering against the tides of change.

Lapis lazuli, the color of the deep ocean, is my beacon of wisdom and truth. As I wore it throughout the summer, it encouraged honesty in my self-expression and clarity in my thoughts. It’s said to enhance intellectual ability and stimulate the desire for knowledge and understanding. As I gaze upon its rich blue hues, I’m reminded of the endless sea, a symbol of the vastness of life’s possibilities that lie before me.

Finally, the yellow calcite, with its sunny disposition, captures the essence of the summer’s sunsets. It’s a stone of hope and optimism, infusing me with renewed energy and the confidence to face whatever the future holds. Its gentle vibration is a source of encouragement, helping me to break free from old patterns and embrace personal growth.

Together, these gemstones form a bracelet stack that is not only a memento of the sea and sunset but also a source of support as I navigate the ebb and flow of life. They remind me that, just like the natural world, I am in a constant state of transformation, and with each change comes an opportunity for renewal and discovery. As I bid farewell to summer, I carry with me the lessons and memories it has bestowed upon me, along with the enduring energies of my treasured gemstone companions.

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