Why Do Healing Crystals Work?

Since the Earth began, healing crystals have been incepted into the traditions and cultures of mankind. Among the civilization’s historical past, they are used not only for health reasons but also for life decisions and intentions. 

Now, if you are going to ask why do healing crystals work? It is because the energy inside gemstones and healing crystals becomes larger as it empowers an intention someone has set to do.

The Earth has been the world’s habitat since the beginning of time and ancient civilizations have used crystals such as clear quartz, which they believe to be protective talismans. There are gemstones that they use as ornaments for their homes and embellishments for their jewelry. Some have used them as peace offerings and they are proven effective by our ancestors. Whatever they set as their intention in displaying these in their homes or offering them as a gift has come true. 

Of course, healing crystals work depends on your belief, too. After all, there is nothing to lose when you get one. Your auric energy imposes itself into the stone and the stone emanates the energy to make it more substantial and something that you could bring every single day. Healing crystals boost your intentions when you keep them close to your skin and your heart. 

Today, quartz consists of around 12% of Earth’s crust and is being utilized in almost every type of technology there is. Do you know those quartz watches? Yes! In electronics, info collection, and data storage? Quartz is involved in those aspects of life. If quartz makes it possible to communicate via computer chips then what kinds of communication can their vibrational energy transform in various other ways? With its link to the Earth and its life-giving elements, it is sensible to think that crystals have powers of universal healing especially since they have made an imprint in all civilizations that came before us.

IBM scientist Marcel Vogel displayed how crystals have power through his data and experimental evidence. While he was looking at the healing crystals under a microscope, he noticed that their shape changed based on what he was thinking about. The scientist got a hypothesis that these vibrations are the output of molecules assembling and disassembling. He not only tested quartz crystal’s power but also came to the conclusion that rocks can act as a medium for thoughts.

Albert Einstein, one of the most reknowned scientists who has ever lived, stated that life is vibration. He said that similar to sound waves, our thoughts are connected with the vibrations of everything in our lives. In other words, if you think crystals can heal and help manifest your desires, then their positive vibrations will push your goals forward.

We always have the power to choose our thoughts, and every day of life brings new challenges as well as beautiful beginnings. Healing crystals can help to still the mind and reconnect us with the healing vibrations of Earth.

The interesting thing about learning about crystals is that it requires patience, which then improves your ability to be patient. Just like the years it took for these precious stones to transform, the power of these healing crystals also takes time to emanate and take effect. These crystals can help you remember to be grateful for all the good things in nature and the universe.

Healing crystals will help you point out a specific problem or challenge that needs to be addressed. Fluorite helps you focus and clear your heart and mind from confusion and worries. Citrine brings abundance and success while positive vibrations from carnelian are helpful for innovation and creativity.

Black tourmaline is for protection and unwanted patterns or change in habits. Amethyst is for calmness and tranquility while moonstone helps balance emotions in your daily activities. Rose quartz is for emotional well-being and is aligned with the heart chakra, it strengthens self-love and unconditional love for others.

Thank you for reading! We hope that this article has helped to introduce you to the benefits of using healing crystals in your everyday life. If you are interested in purchasing a crystal, please visit our website or shop in person at our store. We offer a wide variety of crystals and gemstones that can help to support your intentions and goals.

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