Starting Your Crystal Collection

As gifts of nature, crystals have always held a special place in human societies all over the world. There is no wonder then that they hold spiritual, metaphysical importance – so significant that even science use them for the advancement of technology. Seasoned crystal collectors study their vibrations, their uses, and how they behave especially when used to aid in times of need.

For centuries, healing crystals are believed to absorb, keep, and transmit energies that can help send intentions when done correctly.  These are just but a few reasons why most people try to own a piece of crystal. Since they come in almost all forms, shapes, and sizes, there is always one that is readily available to those who aspire to own one. A small piece, no matter how little you may have spent on it, becomes precious because it becomes an extension of yourself. Remember, it is you – its custodian who will add value to it, expensive or not, how it makes you feel is all that will matter in the end.

Crystal experts will advise any beginner to relax and not worry when choosing a crystal. Most times, it is the crystal that will “choose” its new owner. We always advise new crystal owners to see and feel each stone, whether bought online or physically at The Mala Tree, it is best to get the crystal that attracts your attention. If it tugs your heart and warms your spirit – congratulations, you may have found your crystal.

But for those who need crystals to help them with specific intentions, one may always seek the advice of crystal experts such as The Mala Tree to guide them with crystals’ characteristics and metaphysical properties. Below are just some of the few ones that we always suggest to new owners:

Clear Quartz – as with a new place and phase, a new beginning should always start with a clean slate. A Clear Quartz acts as a cleanser and will do the job for almost anything – as a master healer, it helps one come better as it may assist one with health issues. It is also believed that this crystal amplifies one’s intentions, so keeping one is never a bad idea. It also does not pick up negative energies and it clears one’s space so it is a low-maintenance crystal.

Amethyst – in a fast-paced world where everything must always happen instantly, this crystal’s soft and relaxing energy will give one a sense of calm and proper disposition. In times of emotional crisis, the emotional support an amethyst provides may assist its owner as it gently offers spiritual protection and clears negative vibrations.

Citrine – the stone of abundance and manifestation, this crystal’s sunshine aura sends off positive vibrations as it showers its owner optimism and pizzaz. A good support stone, it will always give you that boost to move forward when things go awry. Placing it at the center of your living room or office desk will create a positive environment for these areas.

Rose Quartz – the stone of universal love has always been our favorite as it gives a sense of balance, love, and gentleness to its owner. It is also believed to heal one of the emotional traumas and promote inner healing. Worn near the heart or on the left arm, this crystal will always take care of the heart.

Aventurine  – The Mala Tree’s best-selling crystal is popular as it helps open doors for those who seek better opportunities. A wealth stone may have benefitted from its energy. A green stone, it also takes care of heart matters. So one should not wonder why this is a popular piece for new collectors.

Luck and healing, or anything that gives one a sense of comfort or security – however small or lowly is never a bad thing. So, we suggest you own a crystal today. Allow yourself to bloom in love and luck, and start your journey today. Visit us at The Mala Tree and take your pick!

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